Too Many Hot Toys

My name is Jericho and I am a Hot Toy addict. I have updated this to include what should be most of my Hot Toys (using some of my recycled photos):

Iron Man Mark 2 and Midas (I think Mark 21):

Iron Man Mark VI and 89 Joker:

The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man Mark VI, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Thor, Hawkeye, Colston, Loki, Wolverine):

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow:

and update to include an old school Captain America and G.I. Joe Bruce Willis:


Joker and Gordon:

Bane, Catwoman, Bruce Wayne, and the Iron Monger:

Red Skull:

The Mandarin:

Pirates of the Caribbean (Swann, Turner, Jones):


The Crow:

Sucker Punch Babydoll:

And now next to the Predator:

Black Spiderman:

Regular Spiderman:


and unleashed next to the Hulk and Blade:

Jack Sparrow:

Indiana Jones:

Iron Patriot and a second Thor:


Superman and friends:

New Additions:

Bruce Banner and the Winter Soldier:

Roadblock (The Rock):

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Tough call. My favorite figure is probably Davy Jones. Just an overall cool and unique figure. But if you're talking human likeness, I might go with either Jack Sparrow or maybe the recent Thor (from Thor 2). The Heath Ledger Joker is also quite good.
After hearing from many collector's and seeing it in your pics, I can see why the Jack Sparrow is held as all-time! I just recently started collecting HTs. I have the Man of Steel (at home) with the Guardians of the Galaxy, T-800 Battle Damaged, and Maleficent on pre-order. My favorite head sculpt so far (from pics & videos) are Gamora, Jack Sparrow, RoboCop (Unmasked/Battle Damaged), The Mandarin, and Storm Shadow! I love all the ones I have on pre-order as well. I will try to get Thor also, I love the look and it has one of the best boxes EVER! I'm trying to get all my favorite characters of all-time so Bane, Alice (Resident Evil), Thor, RoboCop, and a Heath Ledger's Joker are expensive priorities! Again, stellar set! Can't believe you own so many grail pieces - Jack Sparrow, Blade, Joker, Iron Man, Hellboy... Amazing collection! :)
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