Too Many Hot Toys

My name is Jericho and I am a Hot Toy addict. I have updated this to include what should be most of my Hot Toys (using some of my recycled photos):

Iron Man Mark 2 and Midas (I think Mark 21):

Iron Man Mark VI and 89 Joker:

The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man Mark VI, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Thor, Hawkeye, Colston, Loki, Wolverine):

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow:

and update to include an old school Captain America and G.I. Joe Bruce Willis:


Joker and Gordon:

Bane, Catwoman, Bruce Wayne, and the Iron Monger:

Red Skull:

The Mandarin:

Pirates of the Caribbean (Swann, Turner, Jones):


The Crow:

Sucker Punch Babydoll:

And now next to the Predator:

Black Spiderman:

Regular Spiderman:


and unleashed next to the Hulk and Blade:

Jack Sparrow:

Indiana Jones:

Iron Patriot and a second Thor:


Superman and friends:

New Additions:

Bruce Banner and the Winter Soldier:

Roadblock (The Rock):

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No Nonsense Ninja
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May 25, 2013
Simply stunning collection you have there, I can't look at these for too long just in case I get the urge to go out and start another collection.
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