Topatoi arrives on PSN

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Chances are you likely haven?t heard of topatoi, the first PSN title by Bootlat Games, an Eastern European developer, yet it?s coming out tomorrow on the PlayStation Network.


Topatoi is a 3D action platformer where you play Raph, who must use his gyroscopic vehicle to rescue his girlfriend. This vehicle has different unique abilities to overcome various puzzle challenges and enemies.


Topatoi contains a split-screen multiplayer mode, with "various multiplayer modes" promised in further updates. For more details, check out the game's official site, or venture over to the European PlayStation Blog.


official site:
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Topatoi coming to PSN this Fall

A New PS3 Platformer “topatoi” Coming to PSN This Fall
Posted by Natalia Gorbanskaya // PR Manager, Boolat Games
Hello PlayStation Blog readers! My name is Natalia and I’m the PR Manager from Boolat Games, a game development studio from Donetsk, Ukraine. I’d like to introduce “topatoi” – a new captivating arcade platformer game for PLAYSTATION 3 / PSN.

The first part of arcade saga “topatoi: The Great Tree Story” was released 2nd of July in EU. Unfortunately we had no opportunity to get the game out in the US at the same time, but it will be available in the US PlayStation Store this fall and everyone will have a chance to take an unforgettable journey with inquisitive explorer Raph into fantastic world, and challenge yourself with a variety of platforming levels and game modes.

The story begins when Raph and his friends find their self in a strange place, after their aircraft was crash-landed. But it is not the only problem – Raph’s girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Blackwing, so now they have to find spare parts to fix the airship, also attempting to safe Raph’s girlfriend. Not so easy to solve all these problems at the same time…

But don’t worry! Raph has a fantastic vehicle that looks like a futuristic whirligig. Unusual abilities of this device will help the main hero to overcome all obstacles. Check out the latest gameplay video and you will see what “topatoi” looks like:

Those 150 seconds of video capture the core values of “topatoi” and brings you to The Great Tree world, where you can communicate with strange and sometimes funny inhabitants, fight enemies, standing in your way, collect stars and take journey in search of new adventures.

Successfully passed story mode opens challenging arcade mode where you can test and improve your skill and coordination. Beautiful and various levels of arcade mode, which require quick reaction and thinking are full of puzzles of increasing difficulty and it’s very enjoyable to solve them with your friends in split screen mode or by yourself.

Hope you like the video! Stay turned, I’ll keep you informed with all game details and release date. If you have any questions, fire away in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

See you soon!


Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Pillar of the Skies – A New World of Topatoi on PSN Tomorrow


I’m Alex, CEO of Boolat Games. From now on I’ll be with you to share all the news from Boolat Games studio. Firstly, I’m happy to announce that the second episode of our PS3 exclusive, puzzle-oriented platformer Topatoi will be releasing on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Take a whirligig under control and fasten your seat belts.

As we already informed you, Topatoi: Pillar of the Skies introduces an absolutely new mechanical world and a plenty of new features. Check out the gameplay video to get a glimpse of what’s coming out your way:

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If you’re expecting to read about all the cool features of Pillar of the Skies, check out our previous European post. So I’ll pass on the storyline we described earlier and move to the most important thing – the core gameplay — I believe it would be most interesting for all you guys. So Topatoi is a platformer, but as you might have noticed, it differs from a classic platformer for a few reasons. First of all, it introduces the freedom of a 3D world like most of the latest adventure games. But the main difference here is that you have no character to control, but a whirligig vehicle that you drive. You’ll learn the controls for convenient driving, and in Topatoi, controls are quite simple – you can spin your whirligig up or down:

+High Spin Rate = High Speed & Long Jumps BUT Difficult Controls
+Low Spin Rate = Low Speed & Short Jumps BUT Sensitive Controls


As you can see, it makes classic controls tricky and adds an element of racing, but it’s fun.

So spin, feel spin and control spin are really valuable here! Want to jump as long as you can? Spin up your vehicle! Want to stop? Drop your spin rate to zero! Follow those rules and you’ll pass all 34 levels of Topatoi and earn the 19 trophies it has to offer.

Stay tuned, share your thoughts, ask your questions here or through Topatoi’s group on Facebook and have fun.