Trophy leaderboards coming to

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Gamers, often competitive creatures, always want to know if they're 'better' than their buddies. Soon, you'll be able to literally see which of your friends ranks #1 on the PlayStation Network with the introduction of Trophy leaderboards.

Emmanuel Orssaud, Portal Manager of, has introduced two new PlayStation Network features which will arrive on the European PlayStation website soon: Trophy leaderboards and Trophy comparisons.


The compare feature is similar to the one already integrated into the PlayStation Network. You are able to line up your Trophy collection alongside a friend's, in order to see specifically which Trophies you've acquired that they haven't, and vice verse. The leaderboard, meanwhile, offers a broader view, and lets you see how you rank up against all of your friends at once.

These features are still unfinished, with no set launch date revealed thus far.
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