True Romance (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) (Arrow Video) [UK]

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Release date: July 19, 2021
Purchase links: Steelbook - Deluxe Edition
Price: £29.99 (Steelbook) - £39.99 (Deluxe)

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So you won't have to pat vat but you may have to pat Paul. :naughty:
You won't for items shipped from UK as Zavvi pay the vat to the courier themselves.

The Hut warehouse is in UK
This deluxe steellbook release is shipped from Hut warehouse only

Even if you have items shipped from Guernsey If you have postal carrier/courier look for vat payment just contact zavvi to be refunded that payment.
Apr 5, 2015
Wish Zavvi would have listed it correctly, I shouldn't have to ask people here etc.

Guess I'll be returning that copy then and get him something else.
Don't rely on them. They are just regular company staff who have no specific knowledge of video products. You might get what you need when enquiring about furniture and textile. Questions about region lock, steelbook, slipcover.... No way. Totally hopeless.


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Jun 4, 2013
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No update with Hermes today. Not even a delay message again. Honestly I’m fuming at Zavvi using Hermes


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Sep 9, 2011
View attachment 513576 umm.... received today. apparently zavvi just threw it in the ocean...
Wow! That looks familiar.…a few years ago I received a box with 4 Filmarena premiums inside. It was a soggy mess…I just pulled it apart with no effort at all. All 4 were in mint condition! Really hope you have the same result! it’s quite the shock when you first see it.
May 8, 2020
hey I'm Canadian, alright?

lol i grabbed my mail on the way home from work and barely had time to take a couple pics before heading to the rink


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Jun 4, 2013
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Jesus I just got a txt to say this is being delivered between 5 and 7pm

Im scared to see the state this will arrive in


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May 16, 2013
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Mine arrived just now in a fuckoff giant box filled with air bags. It's had a hard life :(

EDIT: Got three packages today and there's problems with all of them.Another Zavvi one (same packaging) and one from Amazon who sent me an obviously returned Criterion box set that was covered in cling film! This is my worst mail day ever.
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Jun 17, 2020
Mine came in one of those tight cardboard mailers. Some of the plastic covering was torn, and there were some minor scratches and dents on the boxset and a minor dent on the steelbook. Eh, I doubt they have replacements, but I'm satisfied finally getting it in hand.