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The nomatation for BBC's Sports Personally Of The Year .

An online petition has been started for his removal from the names put forward here .

I find him detestable as a Person and a so called Boxer .

His views include Homosexual's should be shot . Also people who love someone of the same sex are as bad as pedophiles. Women are only good for being on thire backs . Amongst others as deplorable as those above .

People should be entitled to thire own views I have no problem with that . LGBT rights still do not exist for people in a lot of this world . Comments like his breed nothing except hate and contempt and bring us back to a new Dark age .

Howerver you can not help who you fall in love with in no way should anyone feel ashamed of thire choice in life .

Please sighn if you feel the need . It's okay to if you don't .

Mods please remove delite that's up to you guys . Love Scary .
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