[UK] ALK Wants Out Sale Thread (Zavvi, Play.com...)


Aug 4, 2012

To sum things up in sort, I've had enough of this collecting hobby. With my cash flow and whatnot, I simply cannot afford to keep this hobby around while my other hobbies and interest suffer because of it. With that said, I'm selling a selection of my Steelbooks. I'm also hoping to fund a holiday for around Oct/Nov time which was another factor in me deciding to sell these steels.

All steelbooks have been taken the up most care for, no dents or serious scratches unless otherwise stated. All are UK Steelbooks unless otherwise stated. They have been unsealed and discs have been watched once or twice.

If you require pictures I am more then happy to supply them for you.

They'll be secure wrapped, packages and posted at £4.50 per steel in the UK, probably a little more to post around the world but yes I will ship anywhere.

Payment will be through Paypal only under goods and services. I am also listing a couple of these on ebay so will provide links as well.

So without ado, here is the list..

Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End- £80

Many J Cards For Sales- (Ask for which ones and prices)

Prices are negotiable. If you have any questions or requests, post a reply or send a private message and I'll get back to you ASAP. ;)
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Added a few new ebay listings, lowered a few prices and added a Daredevil steel (Though it has a bid on ebay and less then 24 hours to go so be quick if you're interested in bidding)
Both the Marvel set and the Daredevil steel have both been sold. Amended more prices and added an ebay listing for The Fifth Element. ;)
Long time no speak.

Most of what I've previously listed now have new homes thanks to buyers, but I have 2 more steelbooks on the first post for everyone's interest. ;)
You need to list prices in your thread if you're selling. Please do so in 48 hours, thanks.
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Both have been sold. I've since decided to list 1 more steelbook and a bundle of the Cornetto trilogy. Prices are as listed or you can chance a cheap price on the ebay listings with a bid. ;)
Rambo has been sold. Added 1 more set with 2 James Bond steels, Skyfall and Goldeneye, looking for a new home. ;)
Bond is sold so that just leaves the Cornetto Trilogy.

I recently got the idea of selling my J Cards since I saved those from my steelbook collecting days. If there's a J Card you're hunting, drop a Message to me as I have way too many to list, so it's easier to ask, and we can discuss a price and whatnot (Keep in mind that are J Cards for UK Steels only.).

In the meantime, I have 8 listed on ebay for anyone that's interested. Again either contact me for a price or put a bid in on ebay. ;)