[UK] davhyl's sale thread

Aug 25, 2013
Hello everyone,

Please keep in mind that ALL prices assume payment will be made as a GIFT via Paypal. If you choose to send a goods payment, you will add 4% to cover the fee.

Shipping will be:

- £2 in a Zavvi type box, 1st class
- £4.50 in a larger box with a lot of bubble wrap, 1st class signed for.

I'll need to quote shipping upon request.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or requests for pictures. If anyone would like anything from HMV, PM me too.
I am willing to trade as well.

eBay profile: mr.daveh on eBay


Steelbooks for sale/trade:


For Trade
2001: Space Odyssey - 4K WWA
Avengers: Infinity War (Blufans - Single Lenti) - Loose disc
Black Panther (Blufans - Double Lenti)
The Greatest Showman (KimchiDVD - Lenti)

Brand New, Mint, Sealed - can provide pictures


Avengers Infinity War [BF Exclusive - Single Lenti] - £60 (Loose disc)
Black Panther [BF Exclusive - Double Lenti] - £65
Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Blufans, Double Lenti] - £60


The Incredibles [KimchiDVD Exclusive B1 Lenti] - £35


The Jungle Book [Nova Choice Korea, Lenticular] - £40 (Free shipping)


Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy [Amazon Italy] - £20

Zavvi UK (free shipping to UK, in Zavvi box)

Muppets, The [Zavvi UK] - £10

Saving Mr. Banks [Zavvi UK] - £10

Open, Mint (unless specified, I can send pictures if required)


Plain Archive

The Master [Full Slip] - £30 (Free shipping)


District 9 [Germany] - £7 (mint, no j-card)

Looper [UK] - £7

Oldboy [Play.com UK] - £7

Raid 2, The [Entertainment Store UK] - £8

Fright Night [UK] - SALE
Deadpool [FAC E1] - SALE
Terminator [HDZeta, Lenticular] - SALE
Batman Vs. Superman [Nova lenti] - SALE
Casino [Sweden] - TRADE
Drive [Best Buy Pop Art USA] - SALE
Fifth Element, The [Best Buy Pop Art USA] - TRADE
Fury [HMV UK] (Small scratch above the "B" on front) - SALE
Grand Budapest Hotel [Lenticular KimchiDVD Korea] (x2) - SALE & TRADE
Hateful 8 [HMV UK] (x2) - SALE
Jurassic World [HMV UK] (x4) - SALE
Memento [Canada] - SALE
No Country for Old Men [Canada] - SALE
The Martian [HMV UK] (x2) - SALE
Star Wars: Force Awakens [Nova Korea, Lenticular] - SALE
John Wick Nova FS - SALE
Captain America: The First Avenger [1/4 Slip] - SALE
The Incredible Hulk [Nova Exclusive Korea, Lenticular] - SALE
John Carter [Zavvi UK] - SALE
Justice League [HDZeta Gold Label - Double Lenti] - SALE EBAY
Avengers Infinity War [BF Exclusive - Double Lenti] - SALE
Constantine [Germany] - SALE
Edge of Tomorrow [Nova Exclusive Korea, Lenticular] - SALE

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