[UK] FS: Big selection of steelbooks - mostly sealed

Sep 13, 2010
I've finally decided to give up collecting steelbooks and so am going to try and sell the collection I have.

I have around 200 and listed below is the first section (A-E) that I have had time to list and price up, the rest will be listed soon.

I've used the well-known auction site for a guide on prices but if I'm way out on any that you are interested in let me know as prices aren’t fixed.

All the prices below don’t include any postage costs as this will depend on where you are, all will be well packed to ensure no damage in transit.

Also I know I don't have any feedback on here but I have plenty over on AVForums (frosty1979, 144+) & Ebay (frost1979, over 800)

Finally I will try and send out the day following cleared payment but can’t promise this.

300 Canada Sealed £20
Aliens UK Sealed £17
A-team UK Sealed £10
Avatar UK Sealed £10
Avatar extended China? Sealed £35
Avengers assemble hmv Sealed £25
Back to the future 1 Japan Sealed £20
Back to the future 2 Japan Sealed £20
Back to the future 3 Japan Sealed £20
The dark night rises Japan Sealed £20
Box set with film cell
Battle royale UK Sealed £10
Battle: Los Angeles UK Sealed £10
Battleship UK Sealed £15
Beauty & the Beast Zavvi UK Sealed £30
Black hawk down Play.com open £25
Black hawk down German Sealed £20
BraveheartPlay.com Sealed £30
Cabin in the woods HMV £30
(Error version with new disc)
Captain America the 1st avenger HMV Sealed £100
Cars Future shop sealed £25
Cars 2 UK open £5
Cars 2 US Empty CaseSealed £10
Cloverfield German Sealed £15
Conair UK Sealed £15
Cowboys and aliens HMV Sealed £25
Day of the Dead UK Sealed £15
Despicable me German Sealed £15
Dick Tracy UK Sealed £12
Die hard with a vengeance UK Sealed £10
E.T. UK Sealed £10
Expendables 2 UK Sealed £10
Face Off Blufans £45
Fantasia Zavvi £18
Fast and furious 5 HMV £12
Fight club Play.com £30
Finding nemo Zavvi £20
From dusk till dawn Zavvi £35
From dusk till dawn combo Canada £15
G.I.joe retaliation Entertainment Store £15
Gladiator Play £30
Green lantern HMV? £10
Hangover 2 German £10
Hangover the extended cut German £10
Hangover the trilogy UK £20
Hansel & Gretel witch hunters Entertainment Store £15
Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 Open £8
Hulk Play.com £30
I am legend Canada £20
Ice age 3 3d (Lenticular Case) German £20
Immortals HMV £30
In time Play.com £25
Inception German £18
Iron man 1 & 2 German £20
Jack the giant slayer Future Shop £40
Jack reacher Entertainment Store £18
Jackie brown Zavvi £10
Jaws UK £30
Kick ass 2 UK £40
Kick ass double play UK £12
Kill bill 1 & 2 Zavvi £18
King of new York UK £12
Knight and day Japan £45
Lady and the tramp Zavvi £17
Lawless Play.com £12
Life of pi 3d Amazon UK £15
Matrix Japan £22
Michael Jackson this is it German £8
Mission impossible 1 Play.com £17.50
Mission impossible 2 Play.com £17.50
Mission impossible 3 Play.com £17.50
Monsters inc Zavvi £15
Monsters inc 4 disc combo pack US/Canada £40
Monsters university Zavvi £12
Oldboy Play.com £10
Pain & gain Chech Version £15
Paul UK £22
Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides HMV £15
Planes Zavvi £17
Pulp fiction Play.com £35
Ratatouille Best Buy £50
Reservoir dogs Play.com £12.05
Resident evil retribution HMV £18
Resident evil retribution 2d & 3d German £20
Rio 3d (lenticular Case) German £30
Rise of the planet of the apes Play.com £45
Robocop Zavvi £10
Rodger rabbit (red Version) Zavvi £25
Kick ass Horizontal UK £15
Thor HMV Sealed £100

A bugs life USA/Canada Sealed £30
Blade runnerfinal cut Japan Sealed £20
2012 HMV Unsealed £15
Clover field UK Sealed £10
A-team Japan? Sealed £50
Alice in Wonderland Zavvi UK Sealed £23
Alien anthology UK Sealed £40
Bad boys UK Sealed £12
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Jan 19, 2013
Haha, I came in here looking to see if the Zavvi release From Dusk till Dawn was on the list, but you beat me to it Kendo. :joy: