[UK] Glennturner21's Trade and Sales Thread


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Mar 12, 2013
Welcome to my Sales Thread. Hope there is something you are looking for.

Pricing in £ GBP and excludes any PP fees! Standard UK Postage extra.

Other postage options available just ask.

Prices are Negotiable:)

Have the following:


Thor Ragnarok -USA Target Exclusive - £40

Justice League - USA Target Exclusive - SOLD VIA Ebay


World War Z- UK Entertainment Store exclusive( number 1340)
- £15

Point Break UK- Zavvi Exclusive Open and Mint

Commando UK- Zavvi Exclusive Open and Mint

Scarface UK
- £10

The Expendables UK- Open and Mint
- £10.00

The Expendables 2 UK - Open and Mint
- £10.00

Or Both for £15.00

Beverley Hills Cop – UK Zavvi Exclusive - Open and Mint

Lawless – UK - Play.com Exclusive Open and Mint

Jack Reacher (France) Open and Mint

Sin City a Dame to Kill For UK- Zavvi Exclusive UK
- £10.00

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows UK HMV Exclusive
- £10.00

Byzantuim UK- Zavvi Exclusive
- £10.00

Dick Tracy -UK Zavvi Exclusive Open and Mint

Dark Shadows -UK HMV Exclusive Open and Mint

The Hunger Games-UK HMV Open and Mint

Argo UK- Zavvi Exclusive Open and Mint



Mars Attacks Zavvi UK Ultra limited Edition £10.00( Sold via ebay)

Back to the future Target exclusive £30.00 SOLD (via ebay)

Nightmare Before Christmas Zavvi Exclusive - £14.00 SOLD (via ebay)

Beetle Juice Zavvi UK Ultra limited Edition £14.00 SOLD

The Rocketeer Zavvi UK Exclusive £14.00 SOLD

Thor 2 The Dark World Best Buy Exclusive £ 30.00 SOLD

Thor 2 The Dark World Future Shop Exclusive £ 30.00 SOLD

There Will be Blood Zavvi UK Ultra Exclusive £25.00 TRADED

Halloween 35th Anniversary edition UK - Open and Mint £ 25.00 SOLD (via ebay)

Django Unchained Open and Mint £10.00 - SOLD (via ebay)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Best Buy Exclusive : £35.00 SOLD ( via ebay)

Heat - Premium Edition: £15.00 SOLD (via ebay)

Frozen Blufans - UE Edition £69.00 SOLD (via ebay)

The Hunger Games Complete collection Amazon Exclusive -£25.00 SOLD (via ebay)

Iron Man - Blufans Exclusive - full Slip £ 40.00 SOLD (via eBay )

X-men Days of Future Past (Czech Republic) £22.00 SOLD (via ebay)

Face Off - Blufans Exclusive SOLD (via ebay)

Oz The Great and Powerful - Blufans Exclusive £40.00inc postage SOLD (via ebay)

Fast and Furious 1 - 6 Zavvi UK Exclusive Open and Mint unwatched with valid UV Codes - SOLD

Terminator Salvation -UK Play.com- Open and Mint SOLD ( via eBay)

The Great Escape - UK - Open and Mint SOLD

Cowboys and Aliens HMV Exclusive Open and Mint £12.00 SOLD

The Godfather Trilogy UK Open and Mint £30.00 SOLD

Guardians of the Galaxy Blufans UE Edition(Selling my spot in HDN - GB)(per Wreck) - £ 53.00 buyer would still need to pay HDN for postage costs. SOLD

Thanks for Looking:thumbs:

Ebay ref: greenlinda22
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