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May 19, 2013
hi everyone slowly trimming down my collection open to decent offers for the following
I am on eBay jayscott1969 on eBay with 100% positive feedback and over 1000 ratings
and on BD forum Blu-ray Forum - iTrader - jayscott1969
shipping at cost
If interested in any pm and I can give you more information whether sealed or open and general condition
Prefer U.K. buyers
prices in uk pounds

hateful eight kimchidvd lenti slip 120

schindlers list hdzeta one click crease to corner of box 140

spiderman trilogy weet one click 750

shazam fury of the gods manta lab double lenti 65
man of steel manta lab lenti 100
top gun film arena lenti 125

spiderman far from home film arena edition 3 from maniac set 70
spiderman far from home film arena edition 2 from maniac set 70

the thing film arena lenti slip 75
the nice guys kimchi lenti slip open 80
midway kimchi lenti slip 50

thor dark world kimchi lenti slip 95
murder on the orient express film arena full slip open 60
logan filmarena full slip open 60
it black baron lenti slip 100
it chapter 2 black baron lenti slip 100
krampus filmarena full slip 135
pans labyrinth kimchi lenti slip open 70

thor love and thunder manta lab double lenti 60
first man manta lab lenti slip 125
tenet manta lab double lenti 75
the flash manta lab double lenti 65
ford v ferrari hdzeta lenti 100
spartacus hdzeta lenti 85
legend of tarzan hdzeta lenti open 45

tomb raider hdzeta lenti 100
lawrence of arabia hdzeta o ring slip open 50
the martian hdzeta lenti slip 60
mad max fury road hdzeta chrome lenti slip open 85
romeo and juliet blufans lenti slip 100
shawshank redemption blufans full slip boxset 150
jurassic world fallen kingdom double lenti blufans 70
kingsman blufans lenti 70
kingsman golden circle blufans lenti 70
three billboards outside of ebbing missouri blufans lenti 60

amazing spiderman weet lenti slip 150
amazing spiderman 2 weet lenti slip 150
jumanji the next level weet lenti slip 45
uncharted weet lenti slip 45
i am legend hdzeta lenti 85
inferno hdzeta lenti 75
king arthur hdzeta lenti 75
inception hdzeta lenti 85
hot fuzz everything blu lenti 45
shaun of the dead everything blu lenti 45
joker cinemuseum lenti 135
gladiator everything blu open 100
life hdzeta lenti 60
shawshank redemption hdzeta lenti 85
geostorm hdzeta lenti 65
unforgiven hdzeta lenti 80
wizard of oz hdzeta lenti 85
inglorious basterds hdzeta lenti 60
jaws hdzeta lenti 125
jumanji welcome to the jungle hdzeta lenti 75
kong skull island filmarena lenti 85
passengers hdzeta lenti 60
san Andreas hdzeta lenti 50
the mummy hdzeta crease to one corner 60
blade runner 2049 blufans 4k boxset edition 299
man from uncle hdzeta lenti open 150
live by night hdzeta open 50
47 ronin filmarena lenti 80
black adam manta lab double lenti 60
black hawk down film arena crease to one corner 130
bohemian rhapsody blufans box edition 120
jumanji hdzeta lenti open 85
the worlds end everything blu lenti 45

the grey nova media lenti open 45

spiderman no way home weet lent o ring slip 45
x men dark phoenix weet full slip comes with spare slip due to crease 45
venom let there be carnage weet lenti o ring slip 45
gangs of new york nova media lenti slip 70

pacific rim blufans open 45
scorpion king blufans 115

green mile blufans 120
kill bill 2 nova media lenti open 70

justice league hdzeta one click first one 175
justice league manta lab one click open first one 120
aqua man hdzeta one click 175
inception manta lab one click 275
drive manta lab one click 299
everest filmarena 50

the exorcist black barons 125
dark tower hdzeta open 45

dracula untold filmarena open 50
doctor sleep black barons lenti slip 125
black panther weet lenti slip 60
exodus of gods and kings film arena open blemish on bottom of slip 45

cinderella kimchi lenti open 45
the accountant hdzeta open 45
charlie and the chocolate factory hdzeta lenti 75
backdraft film arena 75
13 hours film arena full slip open 50

captain marvel weet one click 170
león manta lab one click 200

captain marvel fanatics one click 140

tenet hdzeta gold one click 170
apollo 13 uhd club lenti edition 125


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