UK people wanting Multi-Region.... look in!


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I recently upgraded to 3D and bought myself a new 3D player. I then took it to these guys, who for a fee, can mod a lot of Blu-Ray players to become multi-region

They charge a standard £119 fee (which includes courier collection and delivery) to mod your existing player (or luckily for me they are about a 10 minute drive from my house, so charged £99), or for as low as £149 you can buy a brand new modded Blu-Ray player - List of Players Here

All I have to do now is select via the remote what region I want (1 = A, 2 = B, = C) then turn the player on and I'm good to go.

The guys there are very good and cannot recommend them enough :)


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Nice. I went for the Sony one as I needed a player with 2 HMDI outputs, and that was one of the cheapest I could find at the time (turns out it's a bloody good BD player too!)


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Jun 7, 2012
west london
Lol yeah I will say the sony players have problems with USB playback where if you rewind/fast forward then the video/audio doesn't sync properly. A pain but you learn to live with it

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Dec 24, 2014
Are there any other advantages of owning a multi region blu ray player other than the fact I can play all regions ??? Reason I ask is because i'm a bit OCD about sticking to Region 2 and Region FREE films.
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