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Sep 29, 2012
The following are for sale/trade. Trades towards items on my want list preferred, otherwise we can negotiate a price. Please check out my wanted items below

***Please check list as photo may not be up to date***

Everything is in excellent condition and includes original slip/data sheet etc (unless marked otherwise). I can provide pics on request.

Postage costs will be added to prices shown.

Paypal friends/family or buyer pays goods/services fees.


Arrival lenticular (KimchiDVD)
Avengers Endgame Lenticular B2 (Weet)
Blade Runner Single lenti Empty slip (HDZeta)
Let the Bullets Fly (Blufans) sealed
Prisoners (Plain Archive)
Pulp Fiction full slip (Nova Media)
Saw 8-Movie Collection


Photo 24-01-2021, 14 39 28.jpg

The Accountant (HMV)
American Psycho amaray (Korea)
American Psycho Amaray (US)
American Psycho (Zavvi)
American Sniper (France)
Battle Royale
BvS Double Lenti (HDZeta) with French steelbook 4 Discs 3D UHD Ultimate Edition
Cast Away amaray
Fast Five (UK)
First Man (Korea)
Gattaca (HMV Premium Collection)
The Hurt Locker Amaray (Korean)
Inglourious Basterds Manta Lenticular
Jason Bourne (Blufans)
Life (UK)
Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels VHS (UK)
Logan 4K (Zavvi)
Moneyball Amaray (US)
Need For Speed
Parasite custom slipcover
Planet of The Apes
Real Steel
The Rocketeer
Saw (10th Anniversary Edition)
Star Trek Beyond (Blufans)
Star Trek Beyond one click box & postcards (Blufans)
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (Zavvi) open
Star Wars Trilogy
Star Wars: The Last Jedi 4K steelbook (Best Buy)
Suicide Squad Lenticular Deadshot (HDZeta) with HMV steelbook
Super 8
Thor Ragnarok (Weet) one click
Total Recall
True Romance (Arrow)
True Romance (Entertainment Store)
War for the Planet of The Apes (Blufans)
Wonder Woman 1984 (MantaLab) double lenti
Wonder Woman 1984 (MantaLab) lenti

Photo 19-12-2020, 13 07 56.jpg

Avengers Age of Ultron purple disc (UK)
Jason Bourne slipcover & amaray case only (UK) no disc
Jaws corrected booklet
OldBoy j-card
Shawshank Redemption J-Card
Star Wars: The Last Force Awakens Bonus disc


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Sep 29, 2012