Unam's going out of business sale. Whole Collection now listed

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Jan 19, 2011
Decision has been made to drop the steelbook game. Everything I have left is now up for grabs.

Prices are not set in stone so you are encouraged to make offers on multiples. Bigger lots means bigger discounts

I am not OCD but I believe more that most of my steels are scratch and dent free. Some may have small tears in plastic so please let me know if you want me to inspect one in particular.

I will provide free express shipping (US Only)for orders of 3+ steelbooks.

Assume all are brand new & sealed unless noted in list under pictures.

The Good Dinosaur Lenti KimchiDVD $45
The Wizard of OZ 3D $30
The Orphanage Germany $35
Man of Steel Wal-Mart with Magnet $35
The Lone Ranger Spain $30
John Carter Germany $20
Goosebumps UK $20
Pearl Harbor Germany $35
The Hobbit 3D Germany $20
The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Mexico $20
Hop Future Shop $25
The Interview UK HDN Exclusive $30
Lady & the Tramp Zavvi $30
Tangled UK Used $30
Tarzan UK Used $35
Peter Pan Zavvi $30
Bedknobs & Broomsticks Zavvi $25
The Mask UK $35
Avatar w/booklet (used) $30
Inglorious Basterds Germany $55
Ultimate Avengers UK $20
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell no Tales Best Buy $35
Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Best Buy Ironpack Used $35
Tron Legacy 3D Australia $80
How to Train your Dragon 1/4 slip HDZETA $45
The Adventure of Tin Tin Used(includes 3D disc) $30
Alice in Wonderland (Depp) Used $25
Alice in Wonderland Used $35
Brave Iron Pack Used $35
Cars Used $35 Take all 3 Cars for $65
Cars 2 Used $20 Take all 3 Cars for $65
Cars 3 Used $20 Take all 3 Cars for $65
Cinderella Best Buy Iron Pack (empty) $15
Bambi Iron Pack $
Despicable Me Germany Used $15
Despicable Me 3 Best Buy $25
Ice Age 1,2 & 3 China Used $60
Ice Age 4 Germany $30
Smurfs 2 3D Germany $30
Hotel Transylvania Germany Used $
The Incredible Hulk Used $7
Hugo Used $20
The Golden Compass Germany $30
Fantastic Four 1 & 2 Germany $50
Fantastic 4 US $20
Frankenweenie $50
Pinocchio US Used $45
Finding Nemo US Used $
Finding Dory US Used $
Grease $20
Journey to the Center Used $7
Journey 2 Used $7
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl $40
Lion King US Used $
The Lorax Future Shop Used $
Minions Tin Target $15
Snow White US w/slip Used $
MIB Germany $12 All 3 MIB for $30 OBO
MIB 2 Future Shop$15
MIB 3 Used $10
Mission Impossible Rogue $15
Gravity 3D w/US discs Used $20
Godzilla Mexico Used $15
Flight of the Navigator Used $25
Edge of Tomorrow $20
Fifty Shades of Grey BB $15
Ghostbusters Used $15 All 3 Ghostbusters for $40 OBO
Ghostbusters 2 Used $15
Ghostbusters 4k (2016) Used $15
Jason Bourne 4k Used $15
Bourne Collection Used $20
Deep Impact Metal Pack $15
Batman vs Superman US Used $15
The Dark Knight Canada $30
Deadpool Best Buy (1st Print) $15
The Mummy Collection Used $20
Olympus has Fallen UK $85
London has Fallen UK $15
Prometheus Used $10
Need For Speed 3D France (US discs)Used $20
Taken UK Used $10 All 3 for $25
Taken 2 UK $10
Taken 3 HMV $10
Titanic 3D Used $40
Top Gun w/US 3D discs $20
Robo Cop Best Buy $20
Robocop UK $10
The Rock UK Used $25
Indiana Jones Raiders MetalPak Target $20
Indiana Jones Temple MetalPak Target $25
Indiana Jones Last MetalPak Target $20
Indiana Jones Kingdom Futureshop Used (damaged) $25
Italian Job MetalPak Target $15
Jumanji 4k Best Buy $25
Hot Shots 1 & 2 France $50
Here Comes the Boom Germany $45
Jurassic Park Germany $50 Take all 3 JP for $65
The Lost World Germany Used $20
Jurassic Park 3 Germany Used $10
Seven Psychopaths UK HDN Exclusive $25
Independence Day Resurgence KimchiDVD (used) $30
Spiderwick Chronicles Used $10
Interstellar Neo Pack Walmart used $10
This is It Germany $40
Transformers Germany Used $
Transformers Age Used $12
Transformers The Last 4K Used $20
Transformers Dark Used $15
Transformers the Movie Animated $20
Hangover Germany w/US disc used $10
The Hobbit The Battle of the five Armies 3D $
X-Men Days of Future Target $15
X-Men Trilogy Used $20
The Wolverine Target $30
Suicide Squad 4k Best Buy $30
GOT Season 1 Used $
Mars Attacks UK $
Mad Max Collection Petro tin Spain $
Into the Storm Canada $
A.I. Germany $
10,000 BC Crackled Germany $
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