Uncharted The Movie - In theaters February 11, 2022

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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
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Title: Uncharted

Genre: Adventure, Action

Director: Shawn Levy

Cast: Tom Holland, Bryan Cranston

Plot: A descendent of explorer Sir Francis Drake uncovers the location of the legendary El Dorado. With the help of his mentor and an ambitious journalist he works to uncover its secrets while surviving on an island filled with pirates, mercenaries, and a mysterious enemy.


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I'm on the fence. Looks great as a fun action movie, but the casting is absolutely terrible... I don't buy Holland as Drake at all, since he's far too young and yet seems to be playing the role as if he's had the same amount of experience as older videogame Drake. Don't even get me started on Wahlberg playing Sully! That said, I'm hoping I can put all that aside and/or they win me over once I actually see the film.