Untitled James Mangold Star Wars Film

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Nov 26, 2017
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Title: Untitled James Mangold Star Wars Film

Director: James Mangold

Plot: Described as a "biblical epic" about the first Jedi set 25,000 years in the past.
Man, it really surprised me that they're doing this again. I love the last jedi. But I remember thinking "Why are they announcing a whole new trilogy by this guy without the film even being out yet" back in 2017. And now the trilogy doesn't look like it's happening, and I'm not even mad about it, especially after seeing Glass Onion.
I mean, what if Indi doesn't do that great at the box office? I know it's freakin Indiana Jones, but nowadays, who knows. And I'm not sure the trailers can excite newer audiences to go see that film. It looks like it might be fun, but the whole CGI thing and it being shot digitally also makes it really stand out from the previous four. We'll see. Walk the Line and Ford vs Ferrari are brilliant films, so on that level I'm happy about that choice. We'll see about Indie in June.
I'll believe it when I see it. So many SW announcements have been made over recent years only to eventually get cancelled or just left in limbo. How Kathleen Kennedy still has her job is beyond me?!
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