Upgrade (Blu-ray Limited Edition) (Second Sight) [UK]


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Special Features
  • Not Action. Not Sci-Fi. More: A new interview with Director Leigh Whannell
  • Permission Granted: A new interview with Producer Kylie Du Fresne
  • Future Noir: A new interview with Cinematographer Stefan Duscio
  • Hacking Upgrade: A new interview with Editor Andy Canny
  • The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: A new interview with Fight Choreographer Chris Weir
  • Optional English Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing

Limited Edition Contents
  • Rigid slipcase featuring new artwork by Adam Stothard
  • Poster featuring the new artwork
  • 40 page soft cover book with new essays by Jon Towlson and Scott Harrison


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Standard shipping from Second Sight is £2.35 (£2.88 tracked) to UK by the way, so it comes to £24.34 in total... may as well order from Amazon.


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Jul 6, 2016
thanks, @Noodles. :thumbs: managed to completely miss this, so if anyone else had also not heard of it, here's the trailer:

it's the cyberpunk Venom you've all been waiting for!
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Nov 26, 2017
One of the rare times I quit in the middle of the film ... so bad IMO.