[US] Brett_S's For Sale/Trade Thread

Jun 28, 2016
United States
Getting out of the steelbook game and I'm selling my entire collection. I tried my best to price everything competitively so prices are firm unless you're buying multiple.

Feel free to check out my eBay feedback. You can message me there to confirm it's me. I've also done a few sales/trades on Reddit.

All payments made by Paypal. Paypal fees are included in the prices listed.

Shipping paid by the buyer at cost. If you're in the U.S. you can choose between Media Mail, First Class if your package is under 1 lb, or Priority Mail. All steelbooks ship in a box with bubble wrap.

International shipping is available at cost but whether or not I'm willing to do so will be determined case by case. Covid related delays and lost packages mean I probably won't be shipping high value orders internationally.

Pictures are available upon request.

Most steels that have been opened include the J-card. Opened steelbooks do not include a digital copy. All steelbooks that are opened have been kept in protectors which are included in the sale.

I've tried my best to include the condition of the steels along with any damage I might have spotted. In case I've missed something I'll be scrutinizing each one and including pictures before any money is exchanged. Thanks for looking!

TitleRetailer or RegionVariant/NotesConditionNumberFormatPriceAvailability
A Bittersweet LifeBudBluFull Sip ASealed439/2100Blu ray$50
A Quiet PlaceMondoSealedBlu ray$25
Ant ManBest Buy USOriginal ReleaseOpenBlu ray+3D$30
Avengers EndgameBest Buy USSealed4K+Blu ray$30
Avengers Infinity WarBlufansFull SlipOpen810/1000Blu ray+3D$90
Avengers Infinity WarBest Buy USOriginal ReleaseOpen4K+Blu ray$35
Baby DriverBest Buy USOriginal ReleaseOpen4K+Blu ray$25
Big Hero 6Novamedia ChoiceOne Click/Includes PET SlipsOpen Full Slip/Sealed Lenti388/600Blu ray+3D$90
Black PantherBest Buy USOriginal ReleaseOpen4K+Blu ray$40-->$30
Blade Runner 2049FilmarenaXL Double Lenti E2Sealed623/750Blu ray+3D$90
Captain America Civil WarBest Buy USOriginal ReleaseOpenBlu ray+3D$25
CasinoUSPop Art?Sealed/ScratchedBlu ray$5
DeadpoolKimchidvdFull SlipSealed1144/1250Blu ray$75
Deadpool 2FilmarenaHardboxSealed623/750Blu ray$100
Deadpool 2FilmarenaXL Full Slip E3Sealed623/7504K+Blu ray$75
Don't BreatheFilmarenaFull SlipOpen623/1000Blu ray$60
DreddFilmarenaHardboxSealed458/700Blu ray+3D$200
DunkirkKoreaSealed4K+Blu ray$45
Edge of TomorrowNovamedia ExclusiveLentiSealed691/700Blu ray+3D$70
Fight ClubGermanyOpenBlu ray$50
Finding NemoBest Buy USViva MetalboxSealed/No DiscsNA$10
Flash GordonMondoSealedBlu ray$45
Fright NightZavviSealedBlu ray$80
GladiatorUKOpenBlu ray$35
Godzilla King of MonstersBest Buy USOpen/Scratched4K+Blu ray$25
In the Heart of the SeaFilmarenaFull SlipSealed623/1000Blu ray+3D$50
Iron ManKimchidvdLentiOpen2730/3000Blu ray$50
ITBest Buy USOriginal ReleaseOpen4K+Blu ray$25
IT Chapter TwoBest Buy USSealed4K+Blu ray$60
Jason BourneBest Buy USOpen4K+Blu ray$15
John CarterFutureshopViva MetalboxOpenBlu ray+3D$35
John CarterChinaViva MetalboxSealedBlu ray+3D$35
John WickFilmarenaManiac's BoxOpen/Sealed Angel Edition886/1000Blu ray$300
John Wick 3Best Buy USOpen4K+Blu ray$30
JokerBest Buy USSealed4K+Blu ray$55
King KongHDZeta SIlverLentiSealed412/???Blu ray$100
KrampusFilmarenaFull SlipSealed623/750Blu ray$90
Live by NightHDZeta SilverLentiSealed72/400Blu ray$75
Love, RosieFilmarenaFull Slip E2Sealed58/350Blu ray$30
No Mans SkyUSIncludes Game and Art BookSealedPS4$60
Odd ThomasGermanyOpen/Dented CornerBlu ray$20
Once Upon a Time in HollywoodBest Buy USSealed/Spine Slash4K+Blu ray$65
Pan's LabryinthKimchidvdFull Slip A2Sealed416/750Blu ray$70
Peaky Blinders Season OneZavviSealedBlu ray$25
PredestinationUKOpenBlu ray$20
Repo MenGermanySealedBlu ray$20
Saving Private RyanHDZeta GoldOne Click BoxOpen/Slips are sealed283/800Blu ray$200
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderUSOpenPS4$20
Sherlock HolmesKorea1/4 SlipSealedBlu ray$40
Sicario Day of the SoldadoBest Buy USOpen4K+Blu ray$25
SpectreKimchidvdFull Slip Sealed184/3000Blu ray$35
SplitBest Buy USSealedBlu ray$35
Spring Love is a MonsterGermanyOpenBlu ray$30
Star Wars The Force AwakensBest Buy USOpen4K+Blu ray$10
Super 8UKOpenBlu ray$20
Taxi DriverUKOpenBlu ray$35
The Daniel Craig Collection James BondBest Buy USOpenBlu ray$15
The Fifth ElementBest Buy USPop ArtOpen4K+Blu ray$25
The GameUSSealedBlu ray$25
The InterviewHDN ExclusiveOpenBlu ray$20
The Lion KingZavviLenti MagnetSealedBlu ray+3D$45
The Lion KingBest Buy US2017 ReleaseSealedBlu ray$15
The Man from UncleHDZeta SilverLentiSealed133/300Blu ray$300
The MartianKimchidvdFull SlipSealed101/???Blu ray+3D$40
The MatrixKorea1/4 SlipSealedBlu ray$50
The Neon DemonSteel ArchiveFull SlipSealed114/167Blu ray$300
The PrestigeItaly/France?SealedBlu ray$90
They LiveScream FactorySealedBlu ray$70
Thor RagnarokBlufansDouble LentiSealed927/1300Blu ray+3D$160
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyPlain ArchiveFull Slip ASealed61/1700Blu ray$40
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyPlain ArchiveFull Slip BSealed52/1700Blu ray$40
Total Recall (2012)USOpen/ScratchedBlu ray$5
True DetectiveTargetMondo ArtworkOpenBlu ray$60
Uncharted 4USIncludes Game and Art BookOpenPS4$45
Westworld Season OneBest Buy USMetal TinOpen/Damaged4K+Blu ray$30
ZootopiaBlufansFull SlipOpen84/500Blu ray+3D$80
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Greetings @Brett_S forgive my poor HDN skills for I am rookie ninja, may have something of interest to you, a Future Shop Blow steelbook, please see attached pics, cheers


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Moved all steelbooks to eBay auctions starting at $1.00 with global shipping available. Bought a house and need to get rid of them before I move. See the feedback link above to find the listings.