[US] ethnosax – Trades


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Aug 9, 2016
Let me know any trades you'd like—or make an offer on what I have, if you don't have a trade.

Available for trade:

Black Barons The Birds (opened, mint)
WWA The Birds (2021 4K/BD steelbook; Euro/Asia version with no title on front; opened, mint)
WWA Psycho (2020 steelbook—black, with knife outline; 4K/BD; opened, mint)
Best Buy US Rise of Skywalker (opened, mint)
Zavvi Empire Strikes Back (opened, no discs) ;)
Black Barons Isle of Dogs (sealed, mint)

Looking for:

France Les Dents de la Mer (Jaws)
Kimchi Akira (lenticular)
Japan Yuri Norshteyn Collection
Target USA The Dark Knight Returns (DC animated)
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