[US] Outlaw1986's steelbook closeout sale


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Apr 1, 2013
St. Louis, MO
I'm looking to sell just a few of my rarer steelbooks because I started playing ice hockey and need some new equipment fast. I'm willing to let it go at very reasonable prices to a good member of this forum. Preferably in the USA because I never shipped overseas. Looking to keep my Marvel blufans lenti collection but all my other rarer stuff I'd sell. I have:
Wreck It Ralph lenti opened light scratches that plugged most people's edition of this ($60)
Up blufans full slip opened near mint ($60)
John Wick lenti nova media sealed ($60)
Drive nova media full slip sealed ($60)
Face/Off blufans sealed ($60)
The Last Stand media market exclusive gold edition sealed ($40)
Pictures available on request. Thanks!
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