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Feb 17, 2018
I have various premium and retail Steelbooks I’m selling off. Shipping is included in price. Shipping within the US only but will ship to Canada at buyers expense. All items are brand new and sealed unless stated otherwise. Feel free to send best offers! I accept payments through PayPal G&S or F&F.

Buy 2 get 5% off order

Buy 3 or more get 10% off order


Deadpool 2 Fullslip $65

Deadpool 2 Double Lenti SOLD

Spider-Man Homecoming DL $95


The Dark Knight Trilogy OC boxes and special packs

OC boxes $45 each

Special Packs $45 each or $80 for both (The Dark Knight is sold)

Justice League Lenticular Slip (box not available anymore) $75

Argo Lenticular Slip $45

Argo and Justice League Lenticular Slip and JL Box

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Double Lenticular SOLD (Plastic is torn on the middle of the slip where the Steelbook comes out of)

Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Fullslip $80 (Bottom of the spine is dented)

ZSJL DL and BvS Ultimate Edition Fullslip HDzeta


Monster Verse all #197/500 $150 each OR $540 for all 4. As a bonus if sold all together I’ll throw in the Best Buy Godzilla vs. Kong 4K Steelbook for free. Pics under Best Buy section.

Monsterverse Filmarena Collection all #197/500


Godzilla 4K Steelbook $45

Godzilla 4K Best Buy Steelbook

Venom SOLD, Sicario Day of the Soldado $30, Zombieland Double Tap SOLD, Godzilla Vs Kong $50 (also pictured is various damage to Sicario and Venom)

Various Best Buy Steelbooks

Solo A Star Wars Story 4K $60, John Wick $25, John Wick 3 4K $35, Batman Begins $20, Logan $30
or take all for $150

Various Steelbooks

Interstellar 4K Best Buy Steelbook $45 (Shape of Water is sold but Paterson is for sale $150)

Various Steelbooks


Avengers Novamedia Iron Man slip and Age of Ultron WeEt Fullslip (Both has spine creases on pic 3) $175 for both
Black Adam ML SL $70
Ready Player One ML DL (Opened with some smudges on Steelbook and both sides of slip)$65
Ready Player One ML SL (opened but Steelbook sealed) $85
Ready Player One ML DL (opened but Steelbook sealed) $80
Aquaman ML DL $70
Aquaman HDzeta OC box, SL, and Special Pack $155
Justice League HDzeta SL $70
BvS Ultimate Edition HDzeta Fullslip (has a dent on bottom of spine on pic 4) $80
Up Best Buy 4K Steelbook $60
Suspiria Kimchidvd Lenticular Slip (not a steelbook) $45

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