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Hey folks, welcome to my for sale thread. It's about time that I whittle down my collection to something a bit more manageable, so I'll be listing items here as time allows.

Items are for SALE ONLY, no trades (if you want something not listed yet, ask and I'll take a look!)

I only have four rules.

1) Don't waste my time. I am willing to accept offers, but not super low ball offers. Don't expect a response to your message if I don't like what you've offered.

2) I am a SEALED collector, unless noted. That means, I have never opened the edition - and I cannot be held responsible if YOU open it and find a defect inside. I insure all packages against loss or damage - but if there is no visible problems to the mailing package, we will have to chat further.

3) Any buyer that has less than a total score of 5 feedback will be required to pay via personal payment - non established traders that are new to the steelbook game have to "prove" their feedback on this forum.

4) I am more than glad to inspect an edition for any defects, issues or problems, as well as provide additional information - if the item is paid for. My trade and group buy feedback speaks for itself, and further details about your purchased item will be gladly provided when it is paid for.

"OCD" disclaimer. MANY copies from from all kinds of editions often run into issues. If you are a collector that also expects a pristine and perfect copy, I do require that you alert me at the time of payment.

NOTE, I CAN COMBINE VIA GROUP BUYS that I'm hosting! Shipping for MOST items 1 - 3 steelbooks, is $22.50! I ask that you pay insurance for your total shipment. That's $1.30 per $100 value. High value shipments may require a signature. Keep that in mind!

Pictures of these items can be found in my media gallery -

Buy with confidence! I have over 1,300 RATED transactions on this forum.

Real Steel - 1st Blufans - $75 (may have coin, will look!)
Pacific Rim $70
Star Trek: Into Darkness - 3 edition steelbooks with slipbox - $200
Wreck It Ralph Full Slip $50
Wreck It Ralph Lenti slip $45
Oz: Lenticular slip $50
Oz: Full slip $50
Jack Reacher $40
Rio $40

UP - Lenti slip $75
UP - Full slip $75
Farewell My Concubine $75
Let the Bullets Fly (Sealed with Sticker) - $150
Let the Bullets Fly (Open) - $100
World War Z $60
GI Joe: Retaliation - $50
Captain America - Lenti slip $180
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Lenti slip $85

Dredd - NovaMedia - Red PET $50
Guardians of the Galaxy - Full Slip $90
Guardians of the Galaxy - Lenti Slip $100
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Full Slip $85

Other rarities
Deus Ex - Super rare French steelbook, came as free gift, unsealed. $150, finding defect free editions, near impossible. OBO
Thor: The Dark World (Kimchi) Lenti slip, slight tear in shrink on back - $150
Le Grande Bleu (Kimchi #2) lenti slip - $40
Frozen (Kimchi) lenti slip - $80
Last Stand - Germany, Gold steelbook - $30
Star Wars: Rogue One - Sanity AU exclusive digibook. $75
Amelie (Kimchi) cutout full slip $60
Under the Skin Steelbook - no visible defects, has tiny bit extra plastic wrap sealed inside. $90.
How To Train Your Dragon - HDZeta Lenticular - $80


QUOTES are for up to 3 collectible editions ONLY.

I will pack in the following manner - case will be bubble wrapped, in a heavier cardboard box.

Please note - with non-trackable shipping - you the buyer understand that I cannot verify it's delivery - as I leave the choice up to you, this is not my responsibility. Insurance can be purchased through a 3rd party if desired.

I will retain proof of shipping for each package.

All delivery times are ESTIMATES only. New quotes provided as necessary.

First Class International (Box) - with delivery confirm to most countries.

-delivery to most locations - 10 - 14 business days, but may take longer
France - $22.50 (can ship up to 3 for same price)
UK - $22.50 (can ship up to 3 for the same price)
Canada -> $15.50 (can ship up to 3 for the same price)

Insurance against loss or damage is $1.30 more up to $100 worth of coverage and is included in every invoice.
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