[USA] Brap88's Steelbook Sale Thread Marvel, Mondo and More


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Apr 6, 2012
New Jersey
Steelbooks For Sale

All prices are in USD include shipping within the US. International shipping at cost. All Steels are sealed/mint unless noted otherwise. Please PM with any questions.

Reference -

Mondo X
Drive $55
Looper $25
Boyhood $25
First Blood $20
Pan's Labyrinth $25
Dredd $30
Flash Gordon $25
Shaun of the Dead $25
The Thing $30
Ex Machina $50 Pending sale to @thomasandzoey


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Future Shop $30
Captain America TFA Zavvi 1st Release (Non Lenti) Open/Mint $50
Captain America TWS Korea $40
Captain America TWS UK $35
Guardians of the Galaxy Future Shop $40
Thor Zavvi 1st Release (Non Lenti) Open/Mint $55
Thor The Dark World Korea $45
Thor The Dark World Australia $30
The Wolverine Korea Open/Mint $30
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