[USA] Novamedia and Blu Fans Exclusives! Avengers One Click EXTREMELY Low #'s! Captain America!

Jun 18, 2013
Des Moines, IA
Right now I'm really just looking to sell as I don't have anything on my radar anymore that I'm willing to trade for. All of my exclusives have been kept safely in plastic cases and I will ship in a sea of bubble wrap for safe delivery. I feel my prices are always very fair but everything can be negotiable, don't be afraid to contact me about the price. Shipping and Insurance is always included in price. PM me for more/specific pictures or if you have any questions, thanks!

eBay username: jordanwalkert

Brand New, Unopened/Sealed One Click with EXTREMELY LOW NUMBERS. All 3 Full Slip editions of this set are in mint condition, and have been kept safely stored away ever since arrival. No defects, issues or noticeable marks that I could find anywhere on the set from giving it a good look over. #0002/1000! - $350 OBO

IMG_1696.JPG IMG_1697.JPG 7.JPG 9.JPG 8.JPG

Full Slip version. Opened but in mint condition. Includes plastic steelbook sleeve. #0169/1000! - $55 OBO

aou1.JPG aou2.jpg aou4.jpg

I am a genuine steelbook and Blu Ray collector and these come from my personal collection. I am only selling as I need the money to help pay for some emergencies that have come up in my life recently. I'll be sad to see these go, hopefully they will also go to a collector out there who will give them a good home.
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