Vancouver Area Ninja Meet-Ups!

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Mar 10, 2011
Vancouver, BC
I don't know an easier way to do this, so here goes!

Would like to know how many Ninjas on this forum are from Vancouver and the surrounding areas (guess Seattle, WA could count too :thumbs:).

I've met a couple of people already and have dealt with them personally, but would be great to know others to make trading / buying / selling easier.

Just reply to this message if you fit the criteria!

MODs ... if this is the wrong place to post or inappropriate, by all means take necessary actions :)



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Hey, everyone!

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to meet one of our forum members, @boba_fett300, in person and I thought it'd be great to meet even more Ninjas! After meeting a bunch at MondoCon while in Austin, TX, I've come to the realization that I now live in a city where there's quite a bit of members.

So, this goes out to all Ninjas living in the Vancouver area... let's meet! I know of a few members from around here -- @Jason Bourne, @kaw, and @ran94, to name a few -- and I'd love to know of some more. I was hoping that we could eventually set a date and a location somewhere central to everyone and then meet up and hang for a while.

Anyone up for that?


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So I was talking to @kaw and we thought it'd be pretty awesome to get all Van-area Ninjas together for a 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE night out!

On Saturday March 12th (the film opens on the 11th, but a Saturday would be easier for everyone), I was thinking that we could all meet up to watch the film together at a theatre (which would be best for everyone -- Metrotown?) and then go somewhere for food/drinks after to discuss the film and this oh-so-wonderful Ninja culture.

So who'd be down with that? Please tag any Van-area (Victoria and Seattle, too) Ninjas who'd possibly be interested! :)

@Shadow of Light @ran94 @boba_fett300
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Jun 4, 2013
The Moon
Ah man would love to see 10 cloverfield lane with you lot.

Have a good evening when it come around and hope you enjoy the film.
I can't wait for it
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