Venom (Blufans Full Slip A) Raffle


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The raffle will only run if all spots are filled.

Brand new.

Venom Red.jpg

10 slots at $9 each, buy as many spots as you like. Payment will be as gift payment and collection of payment only happens if 10 spots fill. Shipping free within the US, anywhere else will be at cost.

Reply with your spot #

1. @phishphan192 PAID
2. @Space Cadet PAID
3. @Dano PAID
4. @Joe Guevara PAID
5. @SEAN3431476 PAID
6. @jasong PAID
7. @kobyw PAID
8. @Space Cadet PAID
9. @davhyl PAID
10. @phishphan192 PAID

Drawing will be at random, one winner.
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