Venom Sequel - In theaters TBA

Jul 20, 2016
So the article says "A director has not yet been set, though sources say the studio might look for a new filmmaker as “Venom” helmer Reuben Fleischer will be busy shooting the sequel to Sony’s “Zombieland.”

Which seems odd since Woody will be in both films. Unless they mean Fleischer will be tied up readying the release of the Zombieland sequel after filming and Woody will be available to film Venom 2 immediately after Zombieland filming ends.

But then even after $855 million worldwide perhaps people who were not happy with the film would prefer a new director.
Jul 16, 2016
Nottingham, England
Good that he's getting a chance to direct another big film after Mowgli. Read somewhere that he was studious on the LOTR set. Hope he makes a great sequel to an ok film.
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