Viewing Distance

Jan 30, 2009
Ok im looking to put my tv on the wall and i have wall mounts. I am just wondering is there any sort of height it should be to get the best viewing distance?
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
I agree it's personal preference. Depends on how tall you are and how tall the couch is. Standing up, I'm above the TV. So sitting down it seems about just right for viewing. Otherwise if you stand and match it from that level, sitting down for somebodys short would have them looking up at the screen.
Feb 25, 2009

try this graph...its the "recommended" procedure...
Feb 25, 2009
NorCal said "height"...

when I mounted my bedroom set..I just eyeballed a good spot...the spouse and I are happy...I guess thats all that