vivablu's humble Marvel collection


Iron Man

updated june 27th, 2015

Captain America



Updated Oct 8th, 2015

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Guardians Of Galaxy

Updated Sept 1st, 2015

Finally, the UE of GOTG just joined the family! :drool:

Updated Sept 10th, 2015

GOTG 1-click finally arrived. :drool:


Updated June 29th, 2015
Big Hero 6

Updated July 7th, 2015

Updated July 25th, 2015

Updated 01/24/17

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The Marvel Guy
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Nice collection buddy! :)

but two points...
1. Why did you put two "place holder" images in your post (MCU Phase 1 collection + Avengers Best Buy lenti set) and no pics of your personal copies? o_O

2. That's more a question towards @digitalbabe and no offense towards you viva - I can see a lot of non-steelbook items in this post, and since i'm currently preparing my own Marvel collection-post i keep asking myself if i should only include the actual steelbooks , or if i'm also allowed to add slipcovers, metalpaks and other limited editions & Marvel-stuff? :dunno:
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