Want To Trade For Foxconnect Predator Head

Mar 19, 2014
This is my FS/FT thread. I am mainly looking to get the Foxconnect Predator Head in trade for something I have. If you don't see something you like but are willing to part with your Predator Head PM me. I have more than listed that I don't plan on trading but would. Open is fine and with or without the Blu-ray.

Bold are recent additions

Don't like my price? Make me an offer.

Might be missing DVD copies and DC. ASK!

Kung Fu Panda 3d $22
Kung Fu Panda 2 3d disc only $17
Star Trek Into Darkness Entertainment Store Limited Exclusive Steelbook (tiny paint chip) $60 (this is in only 32 members collections on the entire site and there are none of these listed on ebay besides mine)
Up Zavvi steelbook (spine damage, otherwise looks perfect) (sealed) $20
WWZ Target Exclusive $22 (The amaray is the 3d version and includes a slip which fits in the slipbox)

Might be missing DVD copies and DC. ASK!
21 Jump Street USA with UK slipcover $15
Amazing Spiderman WWA steelbook (open/not mint but good) $20
Anchorman UK steelbook (open/mint) $18
Anchorman 2 UK Entertainment Store Steelbook (open/small ding on back border) $60
Argo UK steelbook (open/almost mint) $25 (combine with The Town for $40)
Ben Hur Collector's Limited edition $20
Beverly Hills Cop UK Steelbook (open/mint) $15
Finding Nemo Best Buy Viva case (open/mint) includes 2d Blu-ray and DVD $22
Fred Claus w/ RARE slipcover that has glitter texture title $12
Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3d German Steelbook $12 (significant damage)
Hot Fuzz Reel Heroes Steelbook (open/mint) $13
Hunger Games + catching fire all 3 bonus discs only $8
Finding Nemo Best Buy Metal Box Steelbook with 2d and DVD (open/mint) $25
Firefly (UK) (steelbook) (mint/open) $60
Frozen Zavvi Steelbook (open/mint) $70
Iron Man 3 (no case) $4
Neighbors w/slipcover $12
Minority Report w/ Rare lenticular slipcover (2 discs) $14
The Town UK steelbook (open/almost mint) $25 (combine with Argo for $40)
Sleeping Beauty (2014) (no case) $8
Shaun of the Dead Reel Heroes Steelbook (no dings or scratches but back is a little warped) $11
Star Trek UK Zavvi Steelbook (Kirk head) (open/mint) $35
Star Trek Germany Steelbook (Nero Head) (open/mint) $25
Wolf of Wall Street Blu-ray w/slipcover

Slipcovers: (buy all for $50 OBO)
Princess and the Frog 3 disc trade only for blue 2disc version
Anna Karenina
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Captain America: Winter Soldier "Sad Cap" Variant (Excellent condition) includes original case/artwork) $12
Captain America: Winter Soldier Korea steelbook clear slip $13 unused but has shelf wear
Dick Tracy
Ender's Game
For a Good Time Call
Fox and the Hound 1 + 2
Game of Thrones Season 2
Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
How to Train Your Dragon
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Kick-Ass 2
Life of Pi 3d
Lone Survivor
Monuments Men (with Target Exclusive Stickers)
Muppets: Most Wanted
Muppets: Movie
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 3d
Pride and Prejudice (Best of the Decade)
Runner Runner
Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Sleeping Beauty Best Buy lenticular w/case/art
Sound of Music
Transformers 3

Lenticular Slipcovers
Amazing Spiderman 3d
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 3d
Hellboy II
Jack the Giant Slayer 3d
Star Trek Into Darkness 3d

Scorpion King 2

Slipcover Wants Must be in Excellent Condition
Will pay a little extra if pristine mint

cloudy with a chance of meatballs 3d paying $10+ depending on condition
Tangled steelbook slipcover (non-Kimchi slip)
Scooby Doo/ Scooby Doo 2 Double Feature

toy story 3 3d lenti
rise of the guardians 3d (does a lenti exist?)
bugs life original (Blu+dc)
cinderella man
crazy, stupid, love
due date
employee of the month
expendables (non-extended)
get smart (w/blu ray)
grown ups
major league (100 paramount)
meet the parents
mummy returns
the other guys
princess and the frog blue border
road to perdition
yes man

Digital codes

If you take the time to make me an offer on multiples I will probably accept. If you want to buy all my codes I will entertain offers.

The prices you see below are old prices, so I will take lower prices.

All codes are from Blu ray!

Rest assured that if you get a code that doesn't work I will refund you for it. Honor system on being honest about invalid codes.

I will bold recent additions.

I am not interested in any digital copies so don't offer me trades that include them. I will trade for other stuff so make me an offer.

Anchorman 2 $3
Bad Grandpa $2
Dark Knight Rises $2
Django Unchained $2
Identity Thief $3
Lone Survivor $3
Man of Steel $2
Pacific Rim $2
Pain and Gain (from Collector's edition) $3
Star Trek Into Darkness $4 (from new Compendium)(code slip mentions compendium so you may get extra special features)(not a guarantee)
Walking Dead Season 4 $7
Wolverine $3 (with digital comic code)

itunes: (some older codes may require xml)
Anchorman 2 $2
Bad Grandpa $2
Despicable Me 2 $3
Expendables $2
Identity Thief $3
In Time $2
Lone Survivor $3
Noah $2
Pain and Gain (from Collector's edition) $3
Star Trek Into Darkness $4 (from new Compendium)(code slip mentions compendium so you may get extra special features)(not a guarantee)
Wolverine $3

Want List:

Brave 3d DMR only
Dark Knight (Bat pod) (low want)
Dark knight Rises (Cowl) (low want)
I, Robot (Sonny Bust)
Hobbit 1 collector's (will buy/trade statue or full set) (Medium)
Predator Head (Foxconnect exclusive) (High Want) (will possibly pay cash)
Tangled 3d DMR only
The Terminal
Terminator Salvation T-800 head


More than I can think of. I am adding to the list over time.
Must be mint. May accept minor damage. Ask. Do not care if sealed or unsealed or if the J card or codes are included.

Trade only for highest steelbook wants or collectors sets from my other want list. Assumed unsealed/mint unless otherwise noted. If you don't find what you want on this list I may consider, however unlikely, unlisted steels that are in my collection

300 (Best Buy)
Anchorman 2 (Entertainment Store) (Small dent on back border)
Argo UK
Death Race (DE)(Second Print)
Despicable Me 2 (Zavvi) small paint chip on back
Firefly (UK) $60
Pain and Gain (CZ) Numbered 111/450
The Pianist (Kimchi full slip) (sealed) #20/1500 contains Full slip and booklet only. Prefer to trade this one for the Lenticular version of this steel.
Prometheus 3d (FR lenticular)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Walmart) without the ship
Star Trek Into Darkness Entertainment Store Limited Exclusive (tiny paint chip) $60
The Town (Zavvi)
Watchmen (UK) not mint but very nice

Highest wants from list:

Rush (Kimchi Lenti or full)
Sin City (Jessica Alba)(not the German one)
Star Trek Into Darkness (Blufans) in order of preference Khan, Spock, Kirk. but want all of them
T2 (Kimchi)
World War Z (Blufans) or (MM Lenti)
Wreck it Ralph (blufans 3d slip)

101 Dalmations (Zavvi)
After Earth (UK)
Alien Anthology (JP or UK)
Aristocats (Zavvi)
Aviator (Zavvi)
Bambi (Zavvi)
Braveheart (UK new release)
Bug's Life
Dark Knight Returns (any thats the same as Target)
The Dictator (Amazon FR)
Dumbo (Zavvi)
Elf (USA)
Ender's Game (UK)
Fantasia (Zavvi)
Finding Nemo (Zavvi)
Harry Potter (Futureshop Collection)
Hercules (Zavvi)
Hot Fuzz (CA)
Hunchback of Notre Dame (Zavvi)
Incredible Hulk (UK)
Iron Sky (Media Market)
Jaws (UK)
Jurassic Park (USA)
Jurassic Park Trilogy (Media Market Red embossed)
Kick-Ass (play.com)
King-Kong (USA)
Lady and the Tramp (Zavvi)
Les Miserables (USA)
Limitless (CA)
Lion King (USA or TW)
LOTR: Fellowship (UK)
LOTR Trilogy Jumbo (USA or CA)
LOTR (any non US release art)
Man of Steel (Walmart w/magnet)
Mary Poppins (Zavvi)
Olympus Has Fallen (UK)
Peter Pan (Zavvi)
Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3 (USA or CA)
Planes (Zavvi)
Predator 2 (UK)
Prince of Persia (Triple Play UK)
Ratatouille (USA)
Rush (Kimchi)(Full or Lenti)
Sin City (Jessica Alba)(not the German one)
Shaun of the Dead (CA)
Sleeping Beauty (CA or USA)
Smallville S8 (USA)
Snow White (USA or CA)
Spiderman Trilogy (DE or Zavvi)
Stargate (USA)
Star Trek Into Darkness (lenticular, villain steel w/o ship)
Star Wars (Original) (UK)
Star Wars (Prequel) (UK)
Terminator (UK)
Terminator Salvation (any english title)
T2 (Kimchi)
Toy Story (Zavvi)
Toy Story 2 (Zavvi)
Toy Story 3 (Zavvi)
Wall-E (USA or CA)
Wolf of Wall Street (UK)
Wolverine (Worldwide)
World's End (UK)
World War Z (Worldwide) or (lenticular) or (blufans)
Wreck it Ralph (blufans 3d slip)

My references: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=techmansam&ftab=AllFeedback