What are All the English steelbooks?

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Mar 12, 2009
The Dark Knight,Iron Man,I Am Legend?

just wondering,I'm thinking of only collecting steel books with only the english covers back and front then being unable to understand the strange writing and the german ratings that are marked in huge blue and red on the cover..heh..
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Jan 28, 2009
i only know 4 i think there the only steelbook available in the UK you get more steelbooks in germany and france but you said you only want english covers
Transporter 3
10,000 bc
Sweeney todd
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Canada SteelBook™
I Am Legend (Future Shop exclusive) OOP
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom /Crystal Skull(FutureShop Exclusive)
Iron Man (2-Disc Ultimate Edition) (Future Shop exclusive) OOP

UK SteelBook™
10,000 B.C. OOP
Sweeney Todd OOP
Transporter 3

USA SteelBook™
James Bond: Die Another Day
James Bond: Dr. No
James Bond: For Your Eyes Only
James Bond: From Russia With Love
James Bond: Live And Let Die
James Bond: Thunderball
James Bond: Moonraker (Amazon.com Exclusive : March 24th)
James Bond: Goldfinger (Amazon.com Exclusive : March 24th)
James Bond: The World Is Not Enough (Amazon.com Exclusive : March 24th)

There's also a few German ones that are English as well like "300" ...atleast the front.

To me, the different language is becoming part of the appeal.

There is one Japanese one as well, which is cool, not a whole lot of japanese on the front, plus ur asian right, so dont hate! lol Its Terminator 2 which can still be ordered off of amazon.jp ... use translate.google.com to purchase.
Jan 30, 2009
i only know of them 4 aswell

oh a terminator 4 is coming out and there is a petrol can tin special edtion for reseviour dogs.

cant think of the top of my head
Mar 12, 2009

yeah I'm getting into the steelbook collecting game,since there is so many i only thought of collecting the english text blu-ray SB's...

it will soon grow into me to get'em all...MAYBE..i need a bag of money first and i'l see. :)

oh yeah wreck said amazon.jp..you can also get the T2 japanese steelbook at play-asia.com 6 days time to american soil....quick,but costly..and the steelbook is such a wicked design.

The good thing about SBs is u can easily turn around and sell them and get your money back or turn a profit so although they might be costly it still pays for itself.

Alot sell for over $100 as they are Out Of Print or exclusive to a certain store and OOP
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