What game(s) do you have that you like but just dont play?

Be it you got to many other games your playing right now or just have never gotten around to it ... etc.

Do you have any games that are sitting on the shelf that you tell yourself you need to play but just never do?

Another good factor is if you get rid of games (Sell/trade etc.) but you just cant seem to find the courage to get rid of this one?

I'd say mine are ...

Far Cry 2 (played a good bit ... but driving mechanics suck, but love map editor)
Bioshock (played a bit ...sorta)
Fallout 3 (hardly played, like first level)
Orange Box (played a good bit of half life)

and my most shameful ones ...

Bourne Conspiracy
& Timeshift with the latter still being sealed and you all know how old that game is! :emb:

These are all reasons why I'm holding off on alot of games this year and only buying what I really want on release day/week ... as the others can wait till prices go down as I got plenty to play and not enough time.
Apr 27, 2009
games I have that I need to start playing or finish:

Siren: Blood Curse
Assassin's Creed(love it, but probably won't finish. too much of the same stuff)
Overlord: Raising Hell(just got it)
Farcry 2(running around for briefcases)
Mirrors edge
Eternal sonata(never started
Battlefield: bad company
Little big planet(heath has it)

4 of them I've only played about an hour.

WOW! way too many games and i'll probaby buy some newer ones LOL
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Jan 28, 2009
Battlefield: Bad Company (need to finish)
Little Big Planet (never played)
Hot Shots Golf (never played)
Killzone 2 (need to play more)


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
i think another good question, related but different is:

what games did you play too much, thus getting in the way of playing other games you owned?


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Apr 28, 2009


Ninja Gaiden

Full Auto 2

Resistance Fall of Man

funny enough one of the games I played too much that got in the way of others was oblivion


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Mine would be pretty much everything other than Cod4/cod5, such as:

Far Cry 2
Heavenly Sword
Fallout 3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Assassin's Creed
Tiger Woods '08
MLB '08 The Show
Little Big Planet
i see orange box and bioshock on this?!

shame :squint:

Well, Bioshock hasnt been by my choice ... the wife is scared of scary movies so I can never watch those unlesss late at night when she is asleep and obviously the kid cant watch those ....

In this sense ... I tried playing bioshock and since im only in a 2 br apartment for now they werent having it ... it was scaring them ... and then when its late at night I dont want to play that scary ****! :p hahah jp ... if I stay up late and play games then I need to be playing MP or I will crash ... so I'm usually playing something the clan plays.

But, mid next month the fam is going to Texas for a month and I'll be all by myself to DO WHATEVER I WANT~!! MUWAHAHHAHAAH

Oh, and I forgot all about fifa 09 and heavenly sword ... I need to get on FIFA more and I really need to man up and beat that serpant biotch and beat Heavenly sword!
Condemed 2
Assassains Creed
Need to finish Killzone 2 and Fallout 3
Little Big Planet

I rented Bioshock, Farcry 2, Warhawk and others from Gamefly but sent them back very quick to get something else. I want to re-rent them to give them another chance.