What is the Dojo? Read Here

The Ninja Dojo is where our forum community awards go when they are retired and locked in the dojo until the Ninja lets them back out.

So get your awards in quick stealth action, as you never know when it'll get thrown into the Dojo!
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Photo Ninja
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Jan 9, 2011
Will I be able to make some small post now and after dojo time edit it adding more photoes?

It looks like I need to gather all that modest sucker punch stuff to be pictured together, so that the award would not be wasted.


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Mar 28, 2012
when will some of these awards be coming out of the dojo??

would like to post photos of my collections for

Batman Award
Captain America Award
Thor Award
Transformers Award

thanks :D


Hi Ho
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can i add a request please .. i did put a place holder in for potc , but when the board crashed my post got deleted .. any chance of opening that back up :) pretty please


May 4, 2012
London, UK
Please get Alien and Predator awards going again, Alien, Aliens and AVP have had releases.
Prometheus is out soon, also Predator has had a double release in Germany and UK,
Other countries have it released as well I think? Predators is really rare now so to get all these steels together would be quite something. And don't forget how awesome the Aliens vs Predator steel is from the game! :D