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Mar 31, 2014
London, UK
I'm curious. What do folks here prefer out of full slip, lenticular and 1/4 slips?

Personally I prefer the full slip. I love how they feel in the hand and they look so cool on the shelf. 1/4 slips are my least favourite, they remind me too much of the standard J-card releases, which I find tacky.

What's your favourite?

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I prefer the Steelbook or FuturePak itself but if it's a special edition with custom slip, I prefer a full slip so it has the entire front and back for more custom artwork. Lenticular slips are OK, it's just 2 images in place of one and are a b*tch to scan in a flatbed scanner. I agree with the thread starter, 1/4 slips are like a regular j-card to me and I just file all those. :coffee:
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Apr 13, 2014
Steelbook is the most important part, everything else is just extra (that's why I usually stay away from Asian steelbooks, too expensive). I prefer full slips, they can easily be more gorgeous than lenticulars and I think they're more elegant too, but of course I have a few really good lentis in my collection. Asian 1/4 slips are nice, but I couldn't care less about everything else, I just want the steelbook out and then put the slip away.
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Sep 5, 2014
Steelbook's are the main focus of my collection. Love how they look together and make for good conversation starter on the rare occasion that I get some company. However, this summer I started getting into slip boxes (mostly from Asia) and love how they look. Only have the lenticular Tomb Raider slip boxes in hand but have several on order.

I find slip boxes superior to full slips but still don't mind the occasional full slip.
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