Who here has a projector in their setup?

Jan 27, 2009
I have one and love it. If you have the space and a little extra dough it is well worth it. I think you need space because a PJ is meant to project a large picture. I say some where along the lines of between 80-100 inch screen should be ideal. The better the PJ then the larger screen it can project without losing PQ


Jan 29, 2009
We got a 65" dlp mitsubishi and is great I love it and playing games and movies is the best. It may not be 80-100 inch but we get a great pq on the 65
i've got a projector, but at the min im just using my 42 inch lcd as the projector isnt great for gaming for me (the blu's look awesome as hell though). i dont know if i have the projector too close or too far away but the top left and right corners seem a little fuzzy which is annoying as hell on cod when looking for an enemy in the distance. if anyone has suggestions theyre more than welcome lol

projector is an ally (il check model number in a mo lol)
the screen is plain matte white i think
input ps3 (hdmi 1080p)
Jan 27, 2009
I have never had that problem with my PJ. I dont play on mine all the time but i have sometimes. The thing i like about it is that is someone in a far distance moves its easier to spot them with a much larger screen then it would be in a smaller screen.
Jan 27, 2009
not yet but I plan on getting one! I am gonna Have a dedicated room with a 300" screen I believe that equates to a 25 foot screen with theater style recliners with buttkickers in them, I LOVE MY BASS(and not the FISH DARTH or 49girl or littlehorn)! Im looking at about 100 g's so it'll be awhile!:( about 2 years or so!:( But it will be worth it! Everyone's invited over!;) So what's going on with the clan meeting up somewhere and having a party? I got dibs at my house in 2012!:D Theater should be done by then! BYOB and POCORN THOUGH!:D:p
Jan 27, 2009
This be the projector I want! LIKE SEX FOR THE EYES:eek::D



BRAVIA® SXRD™ 1080p Home Cinema Front Projector
VPL-VW200 features: Full HD 1080p, Motionflow™ 120Hz with black frame insertion, 35,000:1 contrast ratio (with Advanced Iris), x.v.Color™ capability, Carl Zeiss® multi-element glass lens, 12-bit Panel Drive Full Digital Chassis

This is it. The flagship of Sony's home theater lineup. This projector combines the advanced features and technology associated with the legendary QUALIA 004 and the sleek form factor made popular by the VPL-VW100 projector. Three newly developed high frame rate (120fps) SXRD® 1080P chips work together with Sony's Motionflow technology and black frame insertion modes for smoother, more detailed pictures in fast motion video. The Panel Alignment function allows the precise alignment of R/G/B images with zone specific adjustment to deliver a sharper, crisper picture. An exclusive Carl Zeiss® multi-element glass lens optimizes SXRD chip performance. The Anamorphic Zoom Mode works with an optional external anamorphic lens to allow 2.35:1 aspect ratio viewing. A high output Xenon cinematic lamp maintains ideal color temperature characteristics for natural and accurate color reproduction. Additional color features include RCP (Real Color Processing) and x.v.Color™ technology for further color refinement. The significantly improved native contrast characteristics of the three SXRD chips are dynamically enhanced by the Advanced Auto Iris 2 function for up to a 35,000:1 contrast ratio. Add 24p True Cinema connectivity, RS-232C capability and two HDMI™ inputs and the VPL-VW200 is destined to be the ultimate choice among videophiles everywhere.
Full HD 1080p with 3 High Frame Rate SXRD™ 1920x1080 Panels

Three high frame rate SXRD™ 1920x1080p micro-display panels support Full HD 1080p resolution for an impressive combination of vivid color, film-like image quality, and high-definition brilliance. Enjoy images with outstanding cinematic quality and image smoothness.
Motionflow™ w/ Dark Frame Insertion

Motionflow 120Hz with Dark Frame Insertion technology doubles the frame rate in video sources to reduce judder and deliver a smoother, sharper picture for a more fluid, natural viewing experience.
400W Xenon Lamp

A Pure Xenon Lamp (400W) helps deliver natural and accurate color reproduction by providing equal brightness output levels for all three primary colors -- red, green, and blue -- used to create the billions of colors that can be produced.
BRAVIA Engine™ 2 PRO

BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO fully digital video processor uses a collection of unique Sony® algorithms to significantly reduce noise, enhance overall image detail, and optimize contrast so every scene produces sharp, vibrant, life-like images.
Advanced Iris 2

Advanced Iris 2 Function provides up to 35,000:1 contrast ratio2 by optimizing both dark and bright scenes to produce deep black levels with stunning details.
24p True Cinema™

24p True Cinema technology provides a direct connection to 24p video sources so you can avoid conversions and enjoy films at their intended 24 fps (frames per second).

x.v.Color technology3 takes HD color expression to new levels. When connected to x.v.Color capable video sources, such as select Sony® camcorders, the VPL-VW200 can display nearly twice as many (1.8x) viewable colors as the existing RGB color standard, resulting in more natural, life-like images.
Deep Color

By combining a 10-bit processor with 10-bit SXRD™ panels, the VPL-VW200 can create and display 64 times the level of color expression of 8-bit projectors, resulting in smoother color gradations and helping to avoid a “paint-by-numbers” look.
Noise reduction functions

The VPL-VW200 features noise reduction functions that analyze scenes in real time to identify various types of noise and reduce unwanted artifacts, such as mosquito noise and block noise, without compromising the video signal.
Panel Alignment function

A Panel Alignment function enables pixel alignment to within 1/10th of a pixel6, making it possible to shift the entire picture or specific zones to adjust for color gaps and produce a brighter, clearer, and more detailed picture.
Anamorphic Zoom Mode

Anamorphic Zoom Mode works with an optional anamorphic lens1 to take full advantage of panel resolution and screen size for a true cinema experience.
1.8x Zoom Lens

A 1.8x zoom lens provides a short focus distance and takes full advantage of Sony® SXRD™ technology to provide superior resolution and focus.
Motorized Lens Shift

Motorized Lens Shift provides vertical and horizontal adjustments that allow the projector to be placed in different locations, expanding the projector's placement and installation options without distorting image quality.
Ultra Low Fan Noise 22dB

Exclusive Sony®-designed fan delivers efficient cooling and whisper-quiet operation (22dB).
HDMI™ Inputs x 2

The VPL-VW200 BRAVIA® SXRD™ 1080p Home Cinema Projector offers two HDMI inputs (up to 1080/60p capable) that deliver uncompressed digital video and multi-channel audio over one cable (cable sold separately).
Various Analog Inputs

The VPL-VW200 features various analog inputs including YPbPr Component, S-Video, Composite video, and a PC input (D-sub 15-pin) for easy connection to a wide variety of video sources.
RS-232C connectivity

RS-232C connectivity enables operation of the projector using a home theater automation controller.
BRAVIA Theatre Sync

BRAVIA Theatre Sync technology3 provides one-touch access and control functionality over other HDMI™-CEC enabled components with BRAVIA Theatre Sync capability from the VPL-VW200 remote.
RCP (Real Color Processing) function

RCP (Real Color Processing) function allows adjustment of specific colors on the picture without changing the overall image's color and hue.
Image Director 3.0

Fine-tune your image clarity with Image Director 3.0. This software application, available on CD-ROM with the VPL-VW200, allows you to adjust the projector’s gamma curve via PC. An easy-to-use zooming function lets you focus on a portion of the image to inspect close-up detail while you make adjustments.
Blanking and Overscan functions

The Blanking function places an adjustable black frame around the edges of the image area to mask unwanted visual information while the Overscan function lets you adjust content within the image frame to eliminate visual noise.
Functional Cosmetic Design for Home Theater

The VPL-VW200 was designed to be both classy and functional, with rounded edges; a compact, sloped casing; and appealing two-tone color scheme in metallic gray and black. The attractive, modern cabinet works well with most home theatre décor.

I think I just creamed my pants thinking of it!
Jan 27, 2009
Player how funny thats the one i want as well but no feds right now lol

Tell me about it! Thing of beauty right there bro! Might build the room do all the wiring and such then do speakers,subs chairs and then top it off with the PJ. Should be down in price then! By then they will just have something even better!:(