Who is your Favorite Rapper?

Jan 30, 2009
Joe Budden (best rapper alive), Stack Bundles (r.i.p.), Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Young Buck, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, T.I. .....i could go on and on!!!

My Top 3 has to be Joe Budden, Jay-Z & Slim Thug :)


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Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
well when i was growing up there was only 1 rapper and that was Grandmaster Flash, haha. There were 2 songs on the album that I loved. "The Message" and "Scoprio". The Message was the big hit of theirs and Scorpio had this cool sound effect they used that souinded like a Cylopn from the original Battlestar Galactica. freakin sweet.


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I don't really have a favorite rapper, well, Eminem would probably be my favorite but here's a lot of what I like:

Tupac--2 of Amerikaz most wanted, Runnin' (dying to live), Life goes on, Changes, Until the end of time, Ballad of a dead soulja, Breathin', all out, letter 2 my unborn, california love,

Eminem--Lose yourself, Til I collapse, you don't know, sing for the moment, When I'm gone, The Way I am, White America, Soldier, When the music stops,

Nas--One Mic, Hate me now

Young Jeezy--Luv it, Black President, Put on


Kasper--Kwad Up

DMX--Ruff Ryders Anthem, Party Up (up in here), What's my name, Get it on the floor, What these B%T(HEs want, Don't you ever (love this one), Intro (from It's Dark and Hell is hot),

Ja Rule--F**K You, It's Murda, Love me, hate me, Holla Holla, Livin it up, Between me & you, Put it on me, always on time, Uh-oooh.

Nelly--Country Grammar, Ride wit me, For My, Luven Me, over & over.

Fat Joe--Make it Rain, Lean Back, What's Luv,

Rick Ross--Push it,Hustlin,

Bone Thugs--Tha Crossroads, Bump in the trunk, Thug Luv, So good so right, Mo' Murda, 1st of the month, Gun Blast, I tried, Home (phil collins is awesome), Lil Love, Never forget me.

Sean John--Journey through the life, Been around the world, Victory, Best Friend, I'll be missing you, What you want,

50 cent--Patiently waiting (feat. Em), In da club, P.I.M.P, Hate it or love it, outta control,

The Game--Westside Story, Dreams, My Life (feat. Lil Wayne), How We Do,

Dre--Nuthin' but a G thing, Next Episode, Forgot about Dre, Still DRE, Big Ego's, Murder ink,

Ice Cube--you can do it, check yo self

Warren G--Regulate, This DJ, Do you see,

Chamillionaire--Ridin', HipHop Police, turn it up, rock star, Industry Groupie,

shop Boys--party like a rock star

Kanye West--Family Business, Jesus Walks, Never let me down, All falls down

wyclef Jean--Sweetest Girl, Fast Car, Gone til November, Slow Down, Perfect Gentleman, Riot, Apocalypse, Guantenemera, anything can happen

Lil Wayne--Got Money, A Milli, Fireman, 3 peat, Shooter,

jay-z--dirt off your shoulder, Can I get A..., Bonnie & Clyde, 99 problems, IZZO, Big Pimpin', Money, cash, hoes, If I should die, ride or die, Coming of Age, Money aint a thang, Dope Man,

Sean Paul--Get Busy, Temperature, give it up to me, baby boy,

As you can see I've been very bored while waiting for the UPS dude to bring Killzone 2 and guess what, he just showed up so I'm out to play some KZ2.
Jan 27, 2009
Ludacris , T.I. , Jeezy , Dre, Snoop, Murphy Lee (St. Lunatics), Lil Wayne kinda, Some Three Six, OUTKAST (anyone who didn't list them is a newb, They invented southern rap)