Windows 10 ...who's getting it?

Will you be getting Windows 10?

  • Possibly, not too sure yet.

  • Yes, Definitely!

  • Without a doubt, I will NOT upgrade!

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Savage Clown

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Who here is interested in Windows 10 that will be releasing as a FREE upgrade to Windows 8.1 & Windows 7? This OS looks wickedly sweet. If you see a Window icon down in your system tray 'Click It' and you can sign up to receive it free when it releases and it will automatically download and wait for you to install it at a time that is right for you.

Here's a screenshot of what pops up when clicked on.
I found a video demo of a early release on YT.
Here's a YT video on Windows 10 and Project Spartan, the new Internet browser that will replace Internet Explorer.

Anyways share your input positive or negative on Windows 10.
Apr 27, 2009
I've been thinking about upgrading, but they say the free version will be missing certain things.I don't know which but it won't be the full version.Ms needs to clear a few things up before July 29th.
I upgraded my Dell Venue8 to Windows 10 preview and although it was as buggy as hell, I thought that it had great potential, I just home that they improve the tablet part as it was a little bit too desktop for my liking.


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May 22, 2014
Worcester, UK
Reserved my copy a few days ago & got a confirmation email through today.
I'm currently on Windows 7 Ultimate, I didn't upgrade to 8/8.1 because I simply couldn't stand it whenever I used it.

My main reasons for upgrading to windows 10 are:
- DX12 (yay, gaming improvements!)
- Continued updates (Win 7 SP1 has already got to the end of 'mainstream' support)
- The UI now looks more usable.

Savage Clown

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If M$ changes the update procedure with the official release, I'll upgrade. I do NOT like the automatic updating that is currently used.
Actually if you read the description it says that you can either be notified of it's release and then download it or you can choose to have it automatically download and install it whenever your ready to install it.


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Mar 14, 2010
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Almost forgot!

I'll need to see that EULA for the Win 10 final before installing as well. I have refused to install any software other than Chrome and Firefox on my Insider Win 10 drive, due to the keylogger that M$ has built in.

C.C. 95

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Sep 10, 2014
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I meant the updates for the OS after the Win 10 install, you know the KBXXXXXXX updates?
Why would they do that after the distaer of the KB3004394 update? I actually had no idea about that for months after it happened. I only got rid of it after researching problems I was having in February!