(WINNER ANNOUNCED) spass' Wembley day giveaway

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Hi everybody.
As some of you know I'm a massive Liverpool fan and today LFC are playing Manchester City in the league cup final at Wembley.

I also wanted to do a last minute giveaway. And here is the catch:

IF LFC win the game I'll be giving away CA:The First Avenger Blufans lenti.

IF LFC loose I'll be giving away Pan's Labyrinth (CA)

(These were part of the "HDN year end mystery box" I bought, but I already had them in my collection, so why don't give them back for free to the HDN community? ;) )



Thank the thread. That's where I get the list from. BUT you must also reply.

Tag David ( @Naughtius Maximus ) and explain why Liverpool FC is such a great club to support and why Tottenham Hotspur FC are not. ;)

Please remember, this is just banter and not to be taken seriously, keep it friendly. And of course, you don't have to support LFC to enter. :D

I will pay shipping world wide, but will not be able to ship before march 12th. I will draw the winner right after the game is finished tonight.


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Mar 31, 2014
London, UK
Thanks for the awesome giveaway guys - @Naughtius Maximus

LFC is such a great club to support because we are a family and we always make sure You'll Never Walk Alone.

Tottenham aren't a good team to support because they steal every player Liverpool target and can't scout their own players lol. :p


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Jun 6, 2012
@Naughtius Maximus
Why Liverpool is great?
Because they can make me win an awesome steelbook!
Why Tottenham sucks?
Because they can't make me win a great steelbook!
P.S. I don't watch Premier League.
I hope this answer counts :p
Dec 15, 2014
Thanks for the giveaway. - @Naughtius Maximus

I´m a big BVB supporter - now a Liverpool supporter too because Klopp is your coach.
There are so many similarities between our Clubs: Great Fans, great support and a beautiful stadium.
We´re gonna kick them (Tottenham) out of the European Cup:thumbs:
Feb 16, 2016
Zagreb, Croatia
Thanks for the awesome giveaway - @Naughtius Maximus

Not really a Liverpool fan, but if you say they are great I will believe you. :)
One player from my country is playing there (Lovren) if that counts :p
Tottenhem is even lower on my admiration list, so thats good too i guess :)))


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Apr 14, 2015
Thanks @Naughtius Maximus
Pro Liverpool is easy: Jürgen Klopp - the normal one.
Con Tottenham: theres nothing I know about them what's great since Jürgen Klinsmann was player there.
Dec 20, 2014
Thanks @spass for the giveaway
@Naughtius Maximus
Go LFC !
Liverpool is a great club because they have Jurgen Klopp as manager. I love this guy. I like his madness. i remember his anger against the referee at the UCL match haha funny time :).
The palmares of LFC talk for them. LFC won five CL, HotSpur 0. Never Walk Alone anthem and the atmosphere of the stadium is incredible.


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May 25, 2013
There is only one decent team in the Premier league and that's the mighty Leicester City, I've been a season Ticket holder for many years and I can honestly say I've never witnessed a season like this before. I hope we can contiue the momentum and go all the way to lift the trophey C.O.Y.B L.T.I.D.
Spurs are and always will be a fifth placed team.
Fact; did you know that Leicester have spent more days at the top of the premier league this season than Spurs have in the whole of the Premier Leagues history.

Good luck today I see a Liverpool win.
May 21, 2014
Hull, UK
I'll be honest I do hope Liverpool win purely from the fact that I'm a massive Chelsea fan and detest both clubs but man city more!! @Naughtius Maximus i do agree spurs are terrible purely due to our massive rivalry, but do not agree that Liverpool are better sorry @spass ;)

Just remember from now on support this club:


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Feb 23, 2014
Awesome idea & giveaway @spass :thumbs:

When you're into Football you know about Liverpool FC and Wembley even before you know something about Real or Barcelona. I come from Cologne/Germany, a club with a long tradition like LFC. Our clubs got a friendship and I've watched Liverpool plenty times for friendly games over here. Sadly I was never at Wembley :grumpy:

Every football fan and especially all LFC and Cologne fans should know about March 24th 1965 when the European legaue quarterfinal game was decided by a coin toss for LFC :shy: the second coin toss, first was stick in the mud with no winner. And a fun fact, our defender Weber broke his leg after 20 minutes in game and played with it through- there was no substitution in 65 :facepalm:

So sorry @Naughtius Maximus but my heart is with Liverpool :rolleyes:


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May 15, 2015
Thanks for the giveaway @spass

@Naughtius Maximus the reason why Liverpool are the greatest is because this guy is the greatest player to play in this country.

And as for Spurs? Well I'm a Chelsea fan so I could go on and on and on...:rofl:
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