Thu-Day 4 [WINNER ANNOUNCED] Terminator Anthology Blu-ray Giveaway

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Jan 4, 2014
United Kingdom
Hey there fellow Ninjas, hope that you're well and enjoying Ninja Week!

Up for grabs is the Terminator Anthology. This boxset contains all FOUR previously released Terminator films. It is brand new & sealed, however it has a minor dent to the corner of the box. It's still in top shape and all that jazz, although I thought I'd mention that. :)


How to be in for a chance to win

1. Thank this thread
2. Tell us what your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger film is and if you'd like, let us know why.

I will cover shipping costs to your location. :thumbs:

Have fun folks, a huge thanks for all who make Ninja Week possible.

Good luck and stay awesome!



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Aug 8, 2014
This might not be a popular opinion but my favourite is Last Action Hero. I really like the way it parodies classic action/cop movie tropes.
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Feb 17, 2015
My favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger film is Conan The Barbarian, I like it because of his warrior style looks very charismatic in the epic movie.
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Thanks for the awesome giveaway upsetsmiley :notworthy::notworthy::thumbs:

I have loved so many of his films over the years.. even twins when I was a kid.

So many of my favourite movies are Arnie films, as most everyone else I grew up watching his movies over and over again.

The running man - true lies (those two I'm still waiting for a steelbook:) ) commando - predator - terminator etc

But my all time fav is T2, I've watched terminator and T2 more times than the others, it honestly never gets old.. it's an exciting ride from start to finish.. think I'll still be watching it in my 90's:rofl::joy:
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