Mon-Day 1 [WINNER] Bloodsnake's Running Scared (Blu-ray Slipbox) [Korea] Give-Away!

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Hello Ninjas! :woot:

Here's another Give-Away thrown into the pool of CRAZINESS! :wacky: It's nothing HUGE or spectacular, just my way of showing my love and support to this amazing place that I call my 2nd home! :notworthy: Don't forget to check out and Enter my other Give-Away: Zesty's Custom Ant Man Slipboxes and Best Buy Steelbook Give-Away!

Hosted and Donated by me! :thumbs:

Monday Feb 22 - Friday Feb 26

Who can enter?:
All registered members

What you'll win:
Running Scared (Blu-ray Slipbox) [Korea]
New and Sealed!
Running Scared_1.jpg HDN Give-Away_Running Scared_1.JPG HDN Give-Away_Running Scared_2.JPG

How do you win?:
Answer this question: What's your favorite Paul Walker film? And/or post a pic/video of him.

*Example* - Favorite Movie: Running Scared :cool:

LOL! :hilarious:

Winner is responsible for shipping expenses! :)

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Nov 21, 2013
Yeahhhh bud! Awesome giveaway. I already have this movie, so I'm not entering, but Paul Walker is awesome! So any chance to comment about the F&F series and PW is an opportunity I will take!

Favorite Paul Walker movie: definitely the first Fast and Furious. Such a fun movie and some good memories attached to seeing it for the first time :thumbs:

Favorite Paul Walker pic? This classic!

Haha jk. THIS is actually one of my favorites:

And in case I haven't written a large enough on your post yet, I would encourage anyone who appreciates everything PW did for entertainment and outreach efforts to check out his charity and donate if they can: Reach Out WorldWide

Great giveaway!!
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