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Apr 12, 2009

Per random.org, our winner is @Kornel


2018 Hidefninja.com week-long pop culture celebration!

We've been bringing collectors together since 2009 and now have over 120 Pop Culture forums where you can learn about new pop culture collectibles, connect with old and new friends and grow your own collections.

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(1) lucky winner will receive all of the items pictures in this HDN Mega Prize package containing Steelbooks and much more! MAYBE half the items are empty steelbooks. fyi or may have small ding Winner pays shipping.

To enter:

1) Reply with your top 5 movies of 2017

2) Tag a member who would love to win this prize package! If you're new and haven't met new friends yet, tag @digitalbabe, Staff & Community Manager and say hello!

3) Share a quick review of the last movie you saw


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Thanks a lot for great giveaway!
My top 2017 movies :
2. Blade Runner 2049
3. Phantom Thread
4. Logan
5. Alien Covenant

Hello @digitalbabe

The last movie I`ve seen was an old movie Leon ( The proffesional). I am very impressed and 12 year old Portman probably gave one of the best young performances i have ever seen. Great movie and i really don't understand why it`s so underrated in US. ( Actually i understand why, just think people here are making a huge deal out of nothing)
My top 5 of 2017:
1. Logan
2. It
3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
4. Wind River
5. Logan Lucky

@digitalbabe thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Justice League was the last movie I watched, it wasn’t as bad as many online have posted. I liked the introductions of Flash and Cyborg in how they were quick and weren’t overdone. Steppenwolf was a cool villain but that mustache CGI was awful.
Blade Runner 2049
Wind River
Atomic Blonde
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword



Russian movie with good sword finghtings full of blood, gore and non-stop action. Also film has a very dinamic score. To bad it was a boxoffice disaster. I really enjoied watching it.
1. Lady Bird
2. Blade Runner 2049
3. Good Time
4. Get Out
5. Last Jedi

Tagging @zesty ! :)

Annihilation is one mind bending story that is much deeper than the trailers make it seem. There is true horror in it, but don’t go in expecting your usual action horror, because his is something much more intriguing and unique. The visuals are stunning and performances all around are fantastic. The score fits perfectly in this world. I haven’t stopped thinking about this film.
Wow, awesome prize pack !!! :OMG::OMG::drool: Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!
Tagging @digitalbabe & @zesty

Top 5 movies of 2017:
- Wind River
- Dunkirk
- Wonder Woman
- Baby Driver
- Kingsman 2: Golden Circle

The last movie I've seen was Black Panther. Absolutely deserving of all the praise and hype it's been getting! Probably ranks for me as top 3 of any Marvel movie in the whole MCU. I wasn't familiar with the charachter/story prior to the movie, but absolutely enjoyed every single second of it! Easily one of the year's best (already :p). Michael B Jordan, in a cast already filled with spectacular performances, in his role was a highlight for sure. Everyone should see it at least once :D
1. Logan, John Wick 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Atomic Blonde, Spider-Man: Homecoming
2. @Lapfilmz
3. Spider-Man: Homecoming review:

I was spectical about this movie at first adtrtbseeing Spidey’s cameo in Civil War I didn’t know if I was ready for the younger style Peter Parker but it was played really well. The Villains were not too over the top and the twist was really awesome! Definitely worth a watch, I don’t want to post any spoilers but check it out!
Top 5 of 2017:
  1. Logan
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. The Last Jedi
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  5. Thor Ragnarok

I’ll tag my buddy @tonybsg

The last movie I saw in the cinema was Black Panther

Review: Good movie overall, I felt that some parts could have more extensive care and time in the movie, like the 007 gadgets part and the ... Smeagol part. Also, the last battle felt a little plain and with some care lacking.
Thanks for the giveaway :)

Wonder woman
Baby driver
Get out
Guardians of the galaxy 2

Black panther

Great movie, great story and execution and visuals.
The only downside for me was the fight scene with killmonger. Considering most fight scenes with black panther are pretty amazing that fight was abit of a let down for me.

Probably rate the movie 7/10

Top 5 movies of 2017

Dunkirk, Thor Ragnarok, John Wick 2, Kingsman The Golden Circle & Baby Driver


Last movie I saw Black Panther

Not sure how quick the review should be or what to give away but......

Wakanda Forever !!
if your a fan of marvel and comic book superheroes then it’s a great watch.
Engaging and very interesting story, great action and slick soundtrack.
Worth a watch just to see Andy Serkis sing “what is love, baby don’t hurt me”.
Blade runner 2049
Thor 3
Baby Driver

@AlienKing :D

Last movie i saw was Black panther, was pretty dissapoited after seeing the critics say i was the best super heros movie ever. But story was pretty weak. MOvie was overall good.
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Top 5 movies of 2017 are:
Blade Runner 2049
Star Wars The Last Jedi
Baby Driver

The Last movie I saw was Three Billboards. It was a good movie because the plot didn't seem to go the way you would think. It had lots of interesting turns.

1. The Shape of Water
2. The Phantom Thread
3. Blade Runner 2049
4. Blade of the Immortal
5. Call Me By Your Name

Hello @digitalbabe !

I just finished watching Peter Weir's 1975 Picnic at Hanging Rock and was entranced by it. One of the best period films I've ever seen and a fascinating study of how a mysterious tragedy can have a domino effect on so many people. Highly recommended!
Spider-Man Homecoming
Wind River
Wonder Woman
Blade Runner 2049


Last movie seen Den of Thieves
Good action scenes but average story.
fabulous prize, thanks to HDN and all competition hosts! :thumbs: last chance to enter @elle82 @cooey!

maybe not the 5 best, but the 5 new films i enjoyed most last year were probably:
- Blade Runner 2049
- Dunkirk
- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
- Life
- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
(although came out in second week of Jan in the UK).

last new film i saw was The Hitman's Bodyguard. Reynolds was good, Jackson was Jackson, and Gary Oldman's easiest paycheck for some time. i liked the London/Europe settings and use of other languages in the dialogue. the tone was a bit off and lurched a bit from the comedy to the violence - great action sequence choreography, but once of those films that gets a bit A-Team with the number of bullets being fired that apparently hit no-one. by the numbers, but serviceable if you're in that mood.
Thanks for the giveaway @digitalbabe and HDN!

Top 5 of 2017?? I’m going for

1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
2. Spider-Man Homecoming
3. Wonder Woman
4. John Wick 2
5. Logan

I’ll tag my mate @TheJoker

The last movie I saw in the cinema was Black Panther. Really enjoyed it and so did my daughter, first viewing on imax and won’t be watching on a normal screen again, great addition to the mcu
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Top 5 movies of 2017:
Three Billboards outside Ebbing
Wind River


Last movie I saw was Coco - another Pixar masterpiece. Visually stunning, nice music, interesting characters. The plot was also more complicated than I expected, which is always pleasant surprise in aminated features. And the end was...I dont want to spoil, but I guess 99% people must have cried. :)

Top 5

Shape of Water
Wind River
War for the Planet of the Apes

And could be more.....

@Scary Hair

The last movie I saw was today Black Panther and it was predictable fare. Half expected to see The Cap in it but it was centered around d the nation of Wakanda and it customs.
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