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Apr 12, 2009

Per random.org, our winner is @Kornel


2018 Hidefninja.com week-long pop culture celebration!

We've been bringing collectors together since 2009 and now have over 120 Pop Culture forums where you can learn about new pop culture collectibles, connect with old and new friends and grow your own collections.

Please see details on how to enter below and enjoy the event!

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Good luck and welcome to the community!

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(1) lucky winner will receive all of the items pictures in this HDN Mega Prize package containing Steelbooks and much more! MAYBE half the items are empty steelbooks. fyi or may have small ding Winner pays shipping.

To enter:

1) Reply with your top 5 movies of 2017

2) Tag a member who would love to win this prize package! If you're new and haven't met new friends yet, tag @digitalbabe, Staff & Community Manager and say hello!

3) Share a quick review of the last movie you saw


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Top 5 of 2017 are

1. Logan
2. Spider-Man Homecoming
3. Wonder Woman
4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The last movie I saw was Black Panther. I think that it was very different from the previous Marvel movies I have watched. The action scenes were very exciting, but too few. The fighting scenes were excellent. It left me wanting much more. Now I look forward to Avengers: Infinity War.
Awesome, alright!
So top 5 would have to be:

Blade Runner 2049
John Wick 2
Ghost in the Shell
What Happened to Monday
Get Out

@Mefisto from Hell

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri
is the last one I saw, just yesterday, and must say even though it was compelling till the end, I did not like it. First of all I see no reason to care for a white trash teenager or her offensive mother, secondly I didn't believe in the sudden turn for goodness of Sam Rockwell's character, and thirdly it's a bit too absurd, like trying to copy David Lynch, with the story leading nowhere. A big disappointment, that does not deserve so many Oscar nominations.
Same as Dunkirk, but that one is an incomparably huge turd.
1. Blade Runner 2049
2. Dunkirk
3. Get Out
4. mother!
5. Baby Driver


The Florida Project, a great little movie with some fantastic performances, namely from Willem Dafoe!
Per random.org @Kornel is our winner! Please contact me with your shipping address and Paypal e-mail address to arrange to pay shipping.

Congrats again! #bestweekever
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