[WINNER CHOSEN] Avengers Weet SteelBook Giveaway


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Jan 26, 2009
Just like the TDK Blufans DL giveaway chat away and post numbers will be randomized to select a winner after a good while.

So the more posts you have , the better the odds

This is for the B1 Lenti edition and you’ll only pay shipping from your shipping hub based on your location.

Well, it's Captain Funyuns to the rescue, then!!! I'll be more than happy to utilize all of your posts to enhance my opportunity to win this most prestigious prize. Since you are a casual fan, and not a manic one like myself, this should be welcome news!!

Captain Funyuns is always happy to step up and help!!! My posture is sure.

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What a gent lol
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Who is everyone's sexiest Avenger? I mean the obvious answer is black widow right.
Love Natasha esp. in interrogation domination scenes.

If there are new Avengers for Kang Dynasty to be introduced I'd want Ryan Gosling as Plastic Man:

Very sexy and this is coming from a man that insists he's not gay :rofl: [Stolen from @Noodles post - will timeshare prize if won LOL]

Edit: I need coffee, what are Mavel thinking about putting DC properties in their keystone franchises - they have no shame anymore :naughty:
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Captain Funyuns, sleeping like a baby in dreamland, is recognizing his tastebuds are in great distress, enacting his gassy onion power to save the day. Pooofing across the pond, and returning in his dreamscape vision, with the ultimate cureall for taste buds in peril!
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