[WINNER CHOSEN] Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Giveaway!


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Sep 22, 2013
Hello Fellow Ninjas!

I have been dormant for sometime and to show I'm back in action I wanted to offer you something to enjoy.

As we all know BvS was like Marmite on release, love it or hate it. I personally very much enjoyed it the same as I do Marmite on toast.

You're wondering what I will be giving away? Keep reading...


Steelbook Lenticular magnet - Yes it's a Cudzndrips!


For those of you collectors who don't open your Steelbooks!


A Tomica model Batmobile.

How do I apply to win what's up for grabs?

1) Rate my post(like, thank etc.)
2) Answer: Are you a Marmite fan?

I will choose a winner at random and take care of all costs to get the goods to your chosen delivery address, winner chosen mid September.


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Thanks for the giveaway :thumbs:

Had to youtube marmite :emb: I have heard of it on some old British tv show but i have never seen a jar of it or tasted it :emb: Would i like it? Probably not, but the beer part of it got me interested :D:thumbs:

If somebody else is interested :thumbs:
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Thanks for this great give away! I live in France so i never heard or tasted Marmite but i should be really curious
EPIC Give-Away @eps999! :woot: Thank you for the opportunity, glad to see you back in action! :thumbs:

Just like @dan8885, I had to look it up on Google :emb: I've never had it. I'm a butter on toast kind of guy, but I prefer salsa and tortillas! :hungry: :cool: Thanks for the video @Asopp :notworthy:
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never really liked Marmite, although i seem to be unusual in that i can take or leave it. Bovril, however - yes! thanks for the giveaway offer! :thumbs:
awesome giveaway and glad you are back in action. I have heard of Marmite watching many movies and shows, but have never tried it and probably would not as I am not that adventurous when it comes to food
Great giveaway @eps999 !!! :D

Thank you for your generosity!

These are our babies at home

Whether youre the beefy kind or the veggie kind. We have it sorted! When our tummies are upside down, this is our medicine. When we are in the dumps, this is our smiley face. And when we are just dog gone hungry, this wins all the time! :hilarious:

Good luck everyone!!!
Thanks for posting the giveaway. I personally thought Batman vs Superman was one of the best films on the year with an amazing soundtrack.
I love Marmite, my favourite being a toasted cheese and Marmite bagel.