[WINNER CHOSEN] (Bloodsnake & MGD) Beats by Dre -Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Black)

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Feb 10, 2013
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We're back for our third annual Give-Away! Bloodsnake007 and I are here to give you a chance to win an epic prize. Up for grabs this year is Beats by Dre powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Black)

Both of us appreciate all the support from everyone here to help put this event together.

We wouldn't want to do this at any other forum! We want to thank @Wreck, @digitalbabe, @apsmith21, @tridon, @PunkNinja and all the HDN members! :)







Tell us about your best or worst concert experience. It can be short or long, just have fun with it! If you haven't been to a concert, you can post your favorite motion picture soundtrack.

Now go enjoy Ninja Week!


List of participants:
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6. @bluray hunter
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In college, I was at a Better Than Ezra/Seven Mary Three concert on campus. When they played the last song, the drummer threw out his sticks and one of them hit me square in the head. I had no idea what had happened at first and looked down in pain. I noticed the stick on the ground, bent down to pick it up, but was too slow (probably from mini-concussion :D) and someone else grabbed it before me.
My worst concert experience was last summer when I went to a Kanye West concert. What an **hole. He went up the stage late and he didn't even talk to the crowd whatsoever.

Thanks for the awesome give away
thanks for the giveaway

i hope festivals count.

went to Sonisphere a good few years ago, brought a cheap pop up tent, sleeping bags etc.
when it just so happen to absolutely chuck it down while we were sleeping. woke up in about 2-3 inches of water.
sleeping bags soaked, clothes soaked.
and because it was warm the next day all the beer was warm.
had to buy a new tent.

hope that counts
Best concert experience -Zedd w/Dillion Francis. two buddies and me shelled out a decent amount of money for vip tickets and I got incredibly excited because in the vip room they had this hot cheese dip. It was so beautiful and I dipped just about anything I could find that was edible in there. On top of the that the concert blew me away and I left the temporarily deafened

Thanks for the giveaway
Wow, a great prize.
My worst experience was a concert from AIR in Cologne. It was short, so 1h, the stage was awfully boring and it seemed that they only played the CD and pushed some buttons with their keyboards off. No interaction with the audience. Nothing.
My best concert was Ben Folds in cologne, too. One man and a piano on the stage. Nearly 3h music. Every hit, a lot of anecdotes and a hell of fun. That was awesome.
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Last year I witnessed something I thought it was impossible. Axl Rose, Slash and Duff together for the first time in 23 years! :woot:

Can't wait for @bloodsnake007 insanely creative idea to select a winner this year! :hilarious:

Awesome giveaway, @MGD & @bloodsnake007! Very generous of you guys!

I have a lot of super memorable concert moments, but I guess my #1 would be back in 2005 when I went on my first date with my wife to see Motörhead. She had just had surgery on her foot, so she was rocking out on one leg. Loved her right from that moment on. And Lemmy killed it at that concert. Smoking indoors is banned where he was playing, but he said "**** you all" and he smoked anyway. :thumbs:
Remember going to a prince concert years ago with my dad and a few of my mates. Was originally a bit embarrassed him being there (I was 18!) until I realised after drinking all day I'd left my wallet in the pub. I was distraught as I was a massive prince fan and had been looking forward to it all year. When we got there my dad spoke to the guy at the desk, used a bit of his charm and managed to blag me in. From that moment on I've always asked him if he wanted to come with although the Alice Cooper concert when he turned up with full Alice make up was a bit too much! But the best bit of the night was he bought me and my mates the drinks ll night and even paid for a cab back home for us 40 miles away. What a star!
In 2013, I was set to attend the second ever Orion Music + More hosted by Metallica on Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan. The two day music and more festival was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey the previous year (2012) with Metallica headlining both nights. In 2013, however, The Red Hot Chili Peppers were headlining Saturday night with Metallica headlining Sunday night. I attended a portion of the mini film festival hosted by Lars Ulrich which included a showing of Drive followed by a Q&A with the producers. After that, I decided to check out a mystery band named Dehaan (as in, actor Dane Dehaan). To my surprise, it turned out to be a fakeout name, and it was actually Metallica playing a set on a side stage in the middle of the Saturday afternoon at their own music festival. They played their debut album in its entirety from start to finish to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its release. If that wasn't awesome enough, I was fifteen feet away from the stage for their headlining performance on Sunday.

That is my best concert experience, and I look forward to seeing them again this summer.
I once went to a Wu-Tang Clan/Rage Against the Machine concert. I don't know if I'd say the experience was bad...just different. This was many years ago (since Rage Against the Machine actually existed and OBD was still alive). Anyhow, the venue has two basic areas. A pavilion with actual seats and a general admission field (no seats). Since the pavilion had seats, you had an assigned seat...in theory. We had tickets for the pavilion, only a few rows back from the stage. Wu-Tang went on first and everything was pretty chill. Nothing really unusual. Then Rage came on and basically everyone in the entire pavilion tried to crush into the first 5 rows. This is in addition to the mosh pit in front of the stage (which they seemed to regularly carry people out off on a stretcher) . It was getting pretty hectic/violent in there and we eventually decided to leave a bit early. I was with a few other people and so the attempt was to get back out of this mob. I basically fought my way through the crowd, back up the pavilion stairs to the exit. The whole time someone was holding the back of my shirt. I thought it was one of the people I was with, but it turned out to be just some random girl who saw me as a way to get out of the mob too.

Eventually everyone made it out and we went to the car to leave. Only to find out the car was completely boxed in. People had blocked the entire entrance/exit to the parking (which was essentially a large field). So there was no way back to the road. Thankfully, I knew the place well and figured out an alternative route. I drove the complete opposite direction of the exit (which itself was barely passable with all the cars) towards the lake. When you hit the edge of the lake, there was a paved bike path. I basically drove on the bike path for about a mile until it intersected a real road. Thankfully, no bicyclists that late on a Saturday night.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I was there more for the Wu-Tang side anyway, so I didn't mind having to miss some of Rage (though I don't think we missed that much). And it probably saved enormous time, since had we waited for the concert to end we'd be stuck in that field for hours.
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