Thu-Day 4 [WINNER CHOSEN] Bloodsnake's Zombieland and HDN Challenge Coin Give-Away!

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May 18, 2013
@Wreck @digitalbabe @apsmith21
Hello NINJAS! Hope you're all having FUN! Let's continue this awesome PARTY! :woot: Ready for another Give-Away!? :naughty: Of course you are! ;)

When I was at Mondo Con, I purchased 2 extra copies of the HDN Zombieland Exclusive, 1 to keep and the other to offer it as a prize during Ninja Week! :notworthy: I've also included the Challenge Coin #3 and Stress Ball! :thumbs:

ninja week 2016 zombieland prize.jpg

If you already own this beauty, tag members that may not! :thumbs:

- Tell me a story! :woot: Be creative! :D
The voice of Galadriel: "In the Land of Candy. In the fires of Mount Chocolate, the Sweet Lord Bloodsnake forged in secret, a master Twinkie, to control all others. And into this Twinkie he poured all his spiciness, his naughtiness and his will to dominate all NINJAS. One TWINKIE to rule them all." :hilarious:

And #2 - BONUS! Photoshop my big Mexican head into what ever the hell you want! (The Walking Dead, Willy Wonka, Nacho Libre, The Raid, Godzilla, Terminator... just have FUN!!!)
Ninja Week 2016 Scary Faces!.jpg

Here are some Previous Pics members (@galareta2332, @spawnshop, @meaner, and @Tacozilla) have created! :wacky::p
"BloodZilla - by Galareta"
BloodZilla - by Galareta.jpg

"Buddy Franky - by Spawnshop"
Bloodsnake Elf - by Spawnshop.jpg

"Candy Superhero - by Meaner"
Candy Superhero - by Meaner.jpg

"Kylo Franky" - by Tacozilla
Kylo Franky - by Tacozilla.jpg

and this creation, "Hobbit Franky" - by Me :D
The Hobbit-Quest_for_Tacos.jpg

Winner is responsible for shipping costs :)


List of Participants:

1. @denizen
2. @Nightbreed1984
3. @lomadu
4. @mams
5. @davhyl
6. @jim 80
7. @Tacozilla - *WINNER*
8. @kbr1656
9. @Bruckle
10. @SteelbookEmporium
11. @Hello ChoCho
12. @EvilThing
13. @DJKiller
14. @Steelselecta
15. @charleybusko
16. @JCC

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Can you believe that I never got a stress ball even though I was at MondoCon?! Those things were cleaned out so fast!

If you don't have any of this exclusive goodies yet, Ninjas, I definitely recommend entering this giveaway. Thanks for everything you do, Franky! You're amazing, buddy!

MC09 copy.JPG
It was a cold night in the land of HDNville when a thump could be heard from below. Faces gazing out their windows were met with a gasping sight of a giant ape approaching the building. Before long, a siren went off as loud as the trumpets of heaven signalling a small group of armed men who rushed out and climbed into an armed vehicle. Engine starting, the vehicle flew off at a speeding pace toward the giant creature. Then! a huge claw ripped through the building opposite revealing a terrifying lizard-like monster and a roar as loud as ever. Immediately the ape's attention turned to the lizard creature and started charging for him. The two giants clashed like titans and both came crashing to the ground. Roads tearing apart and buildings collapsing at the quake of the fall. The battle had just begun...
Thanks for an amazing giveaway.

It was a dark and stormy night. The only thing giving off any sort of light, was the soothing glow of a screen as I scrolled through the Ninja Week Posts. Suddenly something swooped past my window. I couldn't quite make it out at first. There it was again. Then it shot straight to the top of the opposite building. I was freaking out. All I could make out was a shape. Then before I knew what was happening the shape of a man swooped towards my window and burst through. Greeting me, was the image you find below:

Fantastic giveaway Franky! If I didn't have this already, I'd be all over this :)

Not sure who among the ninjas missed out, so a few tags won't hurt ;)

@harry @Mickle_89 @luke98 @Flloydo @dan8885 @chunk @Steelselecta @Obi Wan Dandobi
Thanks for the tag @Apollon but luckily for me, I already possess this awesome HDN exclusive! :woot: Otherwise YES, I'd totally be all over trying to win this! :oohyeah:

(Psssst... I'm also patiently awaiting @bloodsnake007 to send my stressball when he finds a moment so I have that part covered too... :whistle::p;):angel:)

What I would like, is that coin... :hungry::drool: Good luck to all, another generous giveaway Franky! :notworthy::thumbs:
Don't count me in buddy.
I just wanna join the shindig here.

Here's my "Cinderella Story" by Samuel L. Jackson

Once upon a motherf@*king time there lived an unhappy young motherf@*king girl. Her mother was motherf@*cking dead and her motherf@*cking father had married a motherf@*cking widow with two motherf@*cking daughters. Her motherf@*cking stepmother didn't like her one motherf@*cking little bit. All her motherf@*cking kind thoughts and loving motherf@*cking touches were for her own motherf@*cking daughters. Nothing was too motherf@*cking good for them - motherf@*cking dresses, motherf@*cking shoes, motherf@*cking delicious food, motherf@*cking soft beds, and every motherf@*cking home comfort. To be motherf@*cking continued.


Thx for another awesome giveaway Franky! :happy:
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Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!!! I really hope to win this one!!!
Here's my story:
Once upon a time a monster called Frankzilla, woke up on day, from is deep sleep, looked around and said, "What the f*@ck is this sh*@t? Where are the f*@cking dinosaurs? What the f*@ck? How will I mate now? F*@cking mankind! I'm gonna f*@ck you all !!!!!!! "
And so the very big war was begun ...

"Humanity's last hope. A Ninja, the offspring of mothertrucking Twinkies and Tacos, sent from the deep dark reaches of hell, to HDN to fight the darkness of mediocre steelbooks. His only weapons, a big f-in gun, his big f-in mouth... and his ridiculous steel collection!"


Thanks @bloodsnake007 ! :)
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