[Winner Chosen]HDN Summer Movie Giveaway # 2 [May]-Win $50 at Amazon.jp!

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Apr 12, 2009

1st Giveaway (April) winner: metal hunter

2nd Giveaway (May) winner: spass

2nd Giveaway (May)-enter in this thread

Hello ninjas!

To celebrate the summer movie season and highlight Steelbooks and limited editions from around the world, we are celebrating collectibles by giving away $50 towards any item at Amazon.co.jp in April, May, June and July!

The rules are simple-if you win and choose an item where the cost and shipping exceeds $50, you can simply Paypal us the difference. The item can be a Steelbook, Limited Edition, standard Blu-ray, or anything else you choose-as long as the item can be shipped to your location.

Each giveaway will run for the whole month,and I will notify you via tag in this thread, and via pm to claim your prize. All you have to do is reply! Good luck ninjas!

If you're new to collecting you can check out all kinds of cool Limited Editions from around the world here.

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Oooooooooo I've got that deluxe Dune set on my wish list and that would just be amazing!!!
Thanks for organising the give away - very generous...! Strangely bigrob, was posting to say exactly the same! The Dune slipbox is exactly where any Amazon JP win would go for me too!!
wow, thanks for the giveaway, one of the nolan batman films for me comes to mind :thumbs:
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