Thu-Day 4 (Winner chosen) Obi Wan Dandobi's Walking Dead Giveaway!

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Obi Wan Dandobi

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May 15, 2015
Hello boys and girls! I've been coming to this site now for almost a year and wanted to give something back to say thanks for all the help I've had and friends I've made. If you are new to this site then congratulations! You've just taken you're first step into a much larger world! Its awesome here! Anyway on with the giveaway!

I have the Seasons 1-3 of the Entertainment Store's The Walking Dead steelbooks to give away to one very lucky boy or girl! They are all sealed and in perfect condition (as far as I can see!)

walking dead.JPG

So I bet you're wondering how you can win these. Well its a simple 2 step challenge!

Firstly - Thank the OP thread
Secondly - I want you tell me if a fictional character (from TV, film, video game, even animation!) were to have a cameo apperance on the Walking Dead who would it be? Add a pic or gif if you want (not compulsory though). But go crazy!

The prize is open to all registered members and will be open up to and including Sunday 28th February. The winner will be picked randomly using and informed through the site. All I ask is that the winner cover postage/shipping (I'm based in the UK) via PayPal. One entry per person.

Thanks everyone and enjoy Ninja Week!

Winner - @davhyl
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