[WINNER CHOSEN] Win a package of 5 Blu-rays-Summer giveaway!

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Apr 12, 2009


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Hey everyone!

Although these prizes are not Steelbooks, this forum is one of our most viewed, so I wanted everyone to have a chance to enter, and posted it here.

Enter in this thread for a chance to win a cool package of all 5 Blu-rays below, courtesy of Zavvi. All you need to do is reply! Shop Zavvi Steelbooks here.

The giveaway can end at any time, so get your entries in ASAP.

Shop http://www.zavvi.com & thanks for supporting hidefninja.com with your purchases via our links!

Just reply and you can win all 5 Blu-rays below-enjoy guys!

- Inglorious Basterds

- Dracula Untold

- Lucy

- The Breakfast Club

- Weird Science

Good luck & enjoy!
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