[Winner chosen] *Win* an Alien & Alien Covenant Prize pack-ends Aug 20!

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Apr 12, 2009

:ninja:Hello Ninjas!:ninja:

To celebrate the new release of the Best Buy Alien Covenant Steelbook and the Alien franchise, HDN is sponsoring an Alien-themed giveaway this week!

The winner will receive:

1) Alien Covenant Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook

2) Alien Playing cards

3) Alien t-shirt

4) Alien (Nostromo) hat

5) Set of limited edition Ninja and Black Label Horror line pin

*Pictures for illustration. Winner will choose t-shirt size and HDN promises to match size as closely as possible based on stock avail.

To enter just post pictures of any Alien movies or collectibles, apparel, etc that you own in this thread!

Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, August 20.

Have fun & Good luck all!

pinset1.png alienplayingcards1.jpg aliencards2.jpg HDNalien1.jpg HDNalien2.jpg HDNalien4.jpg

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Aug 14, 2017
Awesome dude

In the middle The Sideshow Weyland Report

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Sweet, thanks for the giveaway @digitalbabe

Huge Alien nut here. Apologies for the rushed / blurry shots (literally taken tonight in the bad light)

Also, sincere apologies for the size of these images, I've been struggling with this post for about 45 mins :D maybe a mod could resize them. I tried to obtain shorter URL's for use in a message board but kept running into errors.

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